WAPO Opinion: Popularity of Biden-Harris So Low, They Can’t Take On 2024 GOP Presidential Pick [No Matter Who It Is]

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris
President Biden’s approval ratings continue to fall hitting 38%; in addition, Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is even worse at just 28%, setting an all-time record for the office she holds. File photos: RedhoodStudios, Daniel Hernandez-Salazar, Shutter Stock, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to an opinion piece published by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ current unpopularity – recent polls have seen Biden’s approval rating sink to 38%, and Harris’ rating hitting an even more dismal 28% – could potentially pave the way to a Hillary Clinton comeback in 2024.

The WSJ piece, penned by Douglas E. Schoen and Andrew Stein, suggests that Biden and Harris are ill-equipped to take on whoever the GOP presidential nominee will end up being in 2024, be it Donald Trump or any number of other Republican hopefuls.

They also opine that Clinton represents a preferable Democratic replacement for the Biden regime, given that she is younger than the current president (74 to his 79) and has been critical of the more radically progressive leanings of her party as of late; leanings that have proven to be unpopular with the voters, and that may potentially cost Democrats the House and Senate later this year.

Schoen and Stein say that Clinton – who, based on recent public statements, may actually be weighing the possibility of hitting the campaign trail once again – can run for office in 2024 as the “change candidate.”

Clinton noted in a recent MSNBC interview that Democrats should be concentrating on widespread appeal and converting red states into blue ones, as opposed to simply catering to regions and populations were winning is an absolute certainty, while alienating the rest.

“I think that it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections, and not just in deep-blue districts where a Democrat and a liberal Democrat, or so-called progressive Democrat, is going to win,” she said. “It means nothing if we don’t have a Congress that will get things done, and we don’t have a White House that we can count on to be sane and sober and stable and productive.”

Indeed, polls are showing the GOP with a 2 or 3 point lead in the 2022 generic vote, illustrating that they could retake the House and Senate this year; if this comes to pass, Clinton could eschew unpopular progressive policies and run on a moderate agenda, based on the perceived failures of the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party in general.

“Given the likelihood that Democrats will lose control of Congress in 2022, we can anticipate that Mrs. Clinton will begin shortly after the midterms to position herself as an experienced candidate capable of leading Democrats on a new and more successful path,” Schoen and Stein wrote.

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