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Op-Ed: Support The Family Unit Of Mother & Father For Our Nation’s Survival

Support The Family Unit Of Both Mother And Father For Our Nation’s Survival
Divorce has become so common that there is no longer a significant social stigma. Living together and having children has become commonplace. Senator Moynihan called this “deviancy down.” File photo: Freeograph, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Americans are witnessing many anti-human acts in their neighborhoods, on television and even in their homes. Adolescents are shooting guns indiscriminately killing innocent people even in school and infants in their beds. Groups of coordinated individuals are looting upscale stores with full awareness that they will not be prosecuted.

Our society is not only looking away from robbery or destruction of private property but also physical assault in public view. Even a rape on a crowded subway station was ignored by everyone who was there. The conscious development of Americans is weakening, not only in casual relationships but also in our criminal justice system.

Prosecuting attorneys throughout the United States that received large campaign contributions from Marxist elite, George Soros, were elected to lower prison populations and practically remove all criminal acts requiring a prison sentence. Negative consequences for criminal behavior have been removed which means there is no time to evaluate their antisocial choices and their ramifications. 

Divorce has become so common that there is no longer a significant social stigma. Living together and having children has become commonplace. Senator Moynihan called this deviancy down.” The lack of permanency in our family relationships has decreased the motivation for birth parents to teach moral values and lessons to their offspring. The lack of long-term commitments in fragile relationships leaves children lacking commitment for necessary training. This training is necessary to keep children on the righteous path to avoid temptations that will inevitably confront them. Presently the institution of marriage is rarely doing conscience development with the children.


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In the past conscience development of our children was based on traditional fathers and mothers teaching values. As the solid family dissolved in front of our eyes, we have searched for ways to keep families on track. There have been programs such as Boy Scouts, sports teams, church groups, court, and school programs to help children learn right from wrong using community authority figures. Many of these help children get over personal hurtles but are not a substitute for full time parents.

Eighty percent of single parent families are female headed. Obviously, a male approach to teaching children about some of the harsh realities of life is lacking in many families. Fathers and mothers differ in knowledge of issues and perspectives that would prevent many criminal behaviors, addictions, and other self-destructive behaviors. A powerful father who puts his children on the right track and fear in their hearts to not do the wrong thing is missing in many households.

Our local, state, and federal programs should reevaluate their priorities in dealing with divorcing families. The courts should redirect their energies from which parent should have primary custody to how the public resources can be invested to keep as many families as possible in contact with their children and keep parents together.

Funding one parent to care for the children has resulted in 80% of custody being awarded to the female.  This leaves the woman often motivated to join the workforce while also being the primary caretaker of the children. The dual role is often overwhelming for any woman to fulfill.

Government funding should not be given to one divorced parent to incentivize them to be the sole director of the family. Money to help more children remain economically comfortable as a single parent undermines the concept of bringing the man back into the family unit. A better use of public money would be to incentivize bringing the family back together in some form as both parents have a vested interest in their children. The children need the love and knowledge of both parents to successfully navigate life.

In the short run it will be a scheduling inconvenience especially as the parents have just gone through the agony of the divorce process. On the positive side it will help keep them sufficiently connected in front of the child to minimize children’s separation anxiety from either parent.  

Developing a child’s conscience impacts everyone in the local community and the entire society. Antisocial and deviant behavior will affect innocent victims through no fault of their own. Safety and order break down producing fear, hostility, and preoccupation with what can go wrong rather than applying healthy energy to enhance society.

Investing in our families with government funds with parental obligations would be a wise approach to alleviate or solve many of our societal ills. Whenever a society’s families dissolve throughout history, the nation unravels. Families are the most efficient and necessary unit in any society of training children morally and socially.

Parents make better decisions with their resources than government ever could make. Our nation should lower taxes and devise programs for incentivizing families to stay together. It is the cheapest and best approach to strengthen our nation by keeping our families functioning.

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