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Op-Ed: Alvin Bragg Now the Elected DA “Defense Attorney” For Manhattan’s Criminals; Seeks Lighter Sentences, Felony Downgrades

Last week, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg ordered his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for hordes of criminals and to downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing.
Last week, NYC DA Bragg ordered prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for hordes of criminals and to downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing. He wants to turn Manhattan into another Philly, Chicago, or San Francisco where criminals rule the roost, rob, plunder, torch and kill at will. File photo: Lev Radin, Shutter Stock, licensed.

NEW YORK, NY – You’ve all heard about him by now. The new DA for Manhattan, Alvin Bragg. What you didn’t know is that by balloting this guy into office, this borough’s voters have changed what the initials stand for. The initials, DA, formerly short for, District Attorney, the highest law enforcement individual standing up for the safety of his locale’s citizens, now stand for “Defense Attorney;” for Alvin, anyway. Apparently he will look kindly at criminals and seek to get them back out on the streets to do their things as quickly as the laws he’s arbitrarily and capriciously changing permit him to do so. His message to Manhattanites: “You’re on your own!”

The new Sheriff in Town has commanded his posse of prosecutors to wink at felony, long term prison sentence charges against hardened criminals and reduce their acts of criminality to the lowest level possible, in order to reduce incarceration numbers and the prison cell population figures that are tallied up each year by the FBI and other law enforcement groups. Paper-wise he’ll look like a miracle worker and possibly run for higher office. But the borough’s law abiding citizens and shopkeepers will pay the price, in lives lost and in their reduced standard of living in safety and security. 

Armed robbers using guns to stick up stores or individuals who offer “no risk or injury to their victims” will possibly walk away with up to 364 days in prison or a max fine of $1,000. And remember, it’s the District Attorney who determines the “risk or injury” level. Good luck to the victims! And repeat felons, who’ve already been in courts, convicted for earlier crimes, who again stick up stores or poke weapons into the sides of citizens in the streets to rob them, may have those charges reduced to mere misdemeanors. Bragg also ordered his underlings to “use their judgment” and experience to evaluate the person arrested, and identify people: Who suffer from mental illness; who are unhoused; who commit crimes pf poverty; or who suffer from substance use disorders. Assistant DA’s now must act as knee-jerk social workers in determining charges in court. And on and on.

To hell with the safety of ordinary citizens. He’s going to turn Manhattan into another Philly, Chicago, San Francisco or Seattle where criminals rule the roost and rob, plunder, torch and kill at will. Alvin Bragg is dangerous to our health. His lunacy is as bad as those who’ve demanded, “Defund the police!” In his instance, he’s arbitrarily changing the laws passed by our state’s legislators. If this guy thinks that fare jumping, shoplifting, traffic violations, stick-ups or whatever should not be punishable crimes across the board, he should go up to Albany to lobby our elected representatives to change these laws. Cops, those civil servants, who make our lives safer by putting theirs daily on the line are jittery about Bragg’s support for criminals.

Police Benevolent Association head, Patrick Lynch said: “Police officers don’t want to be sent out to enforce laws that the district attorneys won’t prosecute.”

The head of the NYPD Detectives’ Endowment Assn. stated: “Bragg gives criminals the roadmap to freedom from prosecution and control of our streets. In Bragg’s Manhattan, you can resist arrest, deal drugs, obstruct arrests and even carry a gun (during the commission of a crime) and get away with it.”

Ideologues like Bragg insist that they know better. That the old ways of doing things haven’t worked. Really? And he thinks he knows better than former Mayor Giuliani who proved that by focusing on removing petty criminals from the streets he made NYC a family friendly place to live? Rather, Mr. Bragg is making it comfy for career criminals to practice their professions without the fear of prosecution. Let’s see what Manhattanites think of Bragg one year from now. That’s if he’s still around. 

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