Trump Responds To Biden Jan. 6 Speech, Says President “Totally Failed” And Is Trying To “Further Divide America”

President Joe Biden marked the first anniversary of the January 6 insurrection by forcefully calling out former President Donald Trump for attempting to undo American democracy, saying such an insurrection must never happen again. Photo credit: CNN/YouTube.

President Biden on Thursday, speaking on the one-year anniversary of the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol Building, laid the blame for the incident squarely at the feet of Donald Trump, claiming that the former president attempted to prevent the peaceful transfer of power and that he “sees his own interest as more important than America’s.”

“Our Constitution faced the gravest of threats. Outnumbered in the face of a brutal attack, the Capitol Police, the D.C. Metropolitan Police, the National Guard and brave law enforcement officials saved the rule of law,” Biden said. “For the first time in our history, a president had not just lost an election. He tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob reached the Capitol. But they failed.”

Trump, never one to take criticism lightly, quickly responded to the president’s accusations, claiming that Biden was using the occasion to district the public from his own failings as Commander-In-Chief, and was invoking Trump’s name merely to “try to further divide America.”

“Biden, who is destroying our Nation with insane policies of open Borders, corrupt Elections, disastrous energy policies, unconstitutional mandates, and devastating school closures, used my name today to try to further divide America,” Trump said in a statement. “This political theater is all just a distraction for the fact Biden has completely and totally failed. Our Country no longer has Borders, has totally and completely lost control of Covid (record numbers!), is no longer Energy Independent, Inflation is rampant, our Military is in chaos, and our exit, or surrender, from Afghanistan was perhaps the most embarrassing day in the long and distinguished history of the United States—and so much more.”

Trump also took the opportunity to continue to speak yet again on his yet-unproven claims that widespread voter fraud cost him the 2020 presidential election.

“Why is it that the Unselect Committee of totally partisan political hacks, whose judgment has long ago been made, not discussing the rigged Presidential Election of 2020? It’s because they don’t have the answers or justifications for what happened,” Trump said. “They got away with something, and it is leading to our Country’s destruction. They want all conversation concerning the Election “Canceled.” Just look at the numbers, they speak for themselves. They are not justifiable, so the complicit media just calls it the Big Lie, when in actuality the Big Lie was the Election itself.”

Trump ended his statement by saying that January 6 will go down as a milestone highlighting the shortcomings of the Democratic Party, as opposed to his own.

Trump Responds

The Democrats want to own this day of January 6th so they can stoke fears and divide America,” he said. “I say, let them have it because America sees through theirs lies and polarizations.”

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