Conservative Commentator Mike Crispi Declares Candidacy For Republican Nomination In New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District

Mike Crispi Announces New Jersey Congressional Campaign
In his recent announcement, the Pro-Trump, America First activist says RINO Chris Smith has sold out the country and now, after strong encouragement support, he is answering Trump’s call for a true America First primary challenger in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District. Crispi said his campaign will be directed by long-time Republican strategist Roger Stone. Photo credit:

FREEHOLD, NJ – Conservative media commentator, businessman and pro-Trump, America First activist Mike Crispi announced today that, responding to President Donald Tump’s call for a challenge to 40 year liberal Republican Congressman Chris Smith, he will challenge Smith in the 2022 Republican Primary for Congress in the newly drawn 4th Congressional district.

Crispi announced that his primary campaign will be directed by long-time Republican strategist Roger Stone, who managed the New Jersey campaigns of President Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984 as well as Governor Tom Kean Sr. in 1981 and 1985. Stone has been a political advisor to President Donald Trump since 1979.

“Every day we watch as entrenched career politicians like Chris Smith work together with unelected bureaucrats to fundamentally alter the America we know and love for their own personal gain. We watch as they tell us they are working for us, and then turn around to sell out our country, sell out our future, and erode the true meaning of the American Dream.” said Crispi.

“Chris Smith, one of the most liberal establishment Republicans in Washington, lost touch with New Jersey long ago as evidenced by his vote for Joe Biden’s trillion dollar Build Back Better infrastructure scam, an endless continuation of the January 6 witch-hunt, and a national COVID vaccine registry which will be used to spy on Americans and violate their privacy rights in an unprecedented, egregious manner. The time to make our stand against this tyranny is now. I am declaring my candidacy for New Jersey’s 4th District.” said Crispi

Mr. Crispi has been a documented supporter of President Trump and the America First agenda since 2015 and is a strong supporter of the Right to Life. Mr. Crispi’s candidacy is a direct challenge to the anti-America Left and the corrupt establishment in Washington, including 4th district incumbent Rep. Chris Smith (R).

“In the face of Democrats’ far-left “woke” Washington agenda, Chris Smith has folded time and again, as quickly and shamelessly as he always has. The people of this district deserve better than Chris Smith. He has been in congress for over 40 years and is the quintessential self-serving politician that is too entrenched in the establishment to even realize this. CD4 deserves a congressman with a backbone to fight for American values. We need someone who will lead from the front and embrace the most popular movement in the history of politics: America First.” Crispi went on to add.

Citing an Observer story, Mr. Crispi accused Rep. Smith of not residing in the Garden State:

“How has Chris Smith gotten away with not living in New Jersey for so long? Legitimate questions need to be answered as to whether Chris Smith even spends more than 5 days a year in The Garden State. Mr. Smith left New Jersey behind long ago and has been a resident of Herndon, Virginia for decades.” Crispi went on to say.

“We need leaders who are committed to building the Republican party in this state from the ground up. That means being here in New Jersey and putting the work in at the grassroots level. Smith’s absence is a disgraceful insult to the great people of CD4.” the conservative commentator said.

Safeguarding American values, securing our elections, supporting our law enforcement and military, ending Washington’s disastrous spending programs, and taking on the reign of corruption in modern-day politics will be among Mr. Crispi’s highest priorities when representing New Jersey’s 4th District.

“I am confident that Mike Crispi will be able to raise the financial resources to mount a vigorous challenge and provide a stark comparison to swamp creature Chris Smith, who after serving in Washington for 40 years would have trouble finding New Jersey on a map.” added Stone.

“Lincoln said it best: We need an America ‘of, by, and for the people’ — not the Washington elite. Enough is enough. We must continue to drain this swamp and save this country.” said Crispi.

Crispi said he would compete for the endorsement of the Ocean and Monmouth Republican organizations in their 2022 county conventions.

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