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Op-Ed: Are “Social Justice” Programs Taking the Place of the 3R’s?

Many parents have been organizing, around the country, to confront various school districts about inflammatory programs, as they feel that leftist educators are trying to indoctrinate students instead of teaching them. File photo: Bear Fotos, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The far-left in the country have been very vocal in trying to inject into the school curriculum’s, programs under the euphemism of “Social Justice”, which includes CRT (Critical Race Theory) and the 1619 Project, that are particularly deficient in historical fact. When you confront those radicals, they claim they do not teach that type of dogma in the schools, but it seems that the teacher’s unions and school administrators are turning a blind eye as to what is really going on in the classrooms around the country.

As a retired teacher, with over 30 years in the classroom, I can vouch that when that classroom door closes, the teacher can direct his personal feelings into the course curriculum, and that is what parents around the country observed and are now complaining about due to the “virtual” teaching that became the prevalent form of teaching during the pandemic. I, as a business teacher, plead guilty about my championing our free enterprise, capitalist system in my classroom, as that is what our Founding Fathers gave us in the Constitution. I tried to instill pride in our country and our economic system, and to try not to undermine the social mores of the country. It was during the pandemic, as students were doing “virtual” learning at home, the parents were able to observe what their children were being taught, and for many they didn’t like what they were seeing as to what was being taught to their children.

It is a known fact that most teacher’s lean leftward in their political persuasion, as I observed during my tenure as a classroom teacher. My conservative thoughts and ideas were definitely not in the mainstream of my fellow teachers and administrators. Even though the school districts say those radical “social justice” programs are not sanctioned by the school district, they really don’t know what is actually being taught in the classrooms.

Many parents have been organizing, around the country, to confront the various school districts about those inflammatory programs, as they feel that the leftist educators are trying to indoctrinate the students instead of teaching them. In both the CRT and the 1619 Project, the ideas that are disseminated are that Whites (as a people) are the privileged class and that Blacks, and other minorities, are the oppressed classes. No mention is made of the progress that the United States has made, over the years, to level the playing field for all, whether White, Black Latino, Asian and others. Most everyone has the opportunity to achieve success in our society, regardless of your race, ethnicity, or gender and sexual orientation. Many corporate CEO’s are run by minorities, as well as a goodly number of state, city and local administrations and representatives. This attempt at trying to separate people according to class, race, gender etc. is empirically divisive and conducive to unrest and violence. As an example, the groups BLM and ANTIFA are groups using the oxymoron of “social justice” to justify their violence and mayhem across the country.

Very few people object to Blacks saying, “I’m proud to be an African-American”. Nor do many begrudge Asians, Latino’s, and other so-called minority groups of being proud of their heritage and national origins. But, with these radical “Social Justice” programs sponsored by the left, with a good portion of their financial backing given by notorious, George Soros, try telling people that you are proud to be White, male, Christian or straight, and see what happens. The “Cancel Culture” commando’s will come after you with a vengeance, to shame or to get you fired from your job. Ethnic pride is either good or bad. I say it is bad when carried to extremes and which promotes “Balkanization” between various racial and ethnic groups. Supposedly, racism and bigotry was banned back in the 1960’s with the passage of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, but it seems the leftists are trying to bring injustice back from the scrap heap of history.

Let’s hope that these concerned parents can be the catalyst to lead our schools back to emphasizing the 3R’s (Reading, Writing And Arithmetic), to help prepare our kids for the real world, and not try to indoctrinate those “heads full of mush” by dividing them into hating our society, country, and each other.

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