EXCLUSIVE: Reawaken America Tour Founder Clay Clark Sued For Defamation By Former Dominion Security Chief Eric Coomer

Reawaken America Tour
Clay Clark is the founder of the popular “Reawaken America Tour” conferences said by some to be a ‘freedom movement’ sweeping across the U.S. The conference is known to sell-out long before scheduled dates. The Dominion suit alleges that defendants, including Clark founded entities and Clark himself, “monetized a false election fraud narrative” to defraud the American people. Clark denies the allegations and the litigation remains pending. Photo Facebook/Clay Clark.

DENVER, CO – Clay Clark founder of Thrive Time and the Reawaken America Tour has been named in a lawsuit claiming that he defamed former Dominion Voting Systems security director Eric Coomer, Ph.D., by presenting at live events and livestreaming to a national audience that Coomer and Dominion participated in voter fraud that resulted in the election of President Joe Biden.

Others sued in similar litigation are members of Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, Rudi Giuliani, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, conservative activist Joseph Oltmann and others.

According to the complaint filed in US District Court the District of Colorado on December 22, Clark, Thrive Time and the Reawaken America Tour engaged in “a relentless defamation campaign” against Coomer.

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The litigation seeks among other things, a permanent injunction requiring Clark, the ReAwaken America Tour and Thrive Time to remove all defamatory presentations or broadcasts made about Coomer; a retraction and damages “proven” at trial.

Clark had little to say when he spoke to the Published Reporter last week but denied the allegations:

“Look it up on on DuckDuckGo or Google – Congress is working on HR6666, the NY State Assembly is working on A416, Microsoft is working on a cryptocurrency system using body activity data with a WO-2020-060606 publication number, the CDC is rolling out Nazi-style Green Zones and election fraud is making it possible for these unconstitutional tyrannical actions against the American people to be taken,” Clark said. “I’m all about the elections.”

— Clay Clark, founder of the popular “Reawaken America Tour” conferences

No current updates on the status of the lawsuit are available, Clark said.

The litigation remains pending.

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