Trump: China “Destroyed the World,” President Xi “Is a Killer”

Former President Donald Trump discusses Biden’s foreign policy and the threat of China.
Former President Donald Trump discusses Biden’s foreign policy and the threat of China. Dec. 19, 2021

PALM BEACH, FL – In a recent interview on Fox News, former President Donald Trump claimed that China has “destroyed the world” with the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the country’s President, Xi Jinping, “is a killer,” seemingly blaming him for the over 5,300,000 deaths attributed to the virus worldwide to date.

On “Sunday Morning Futures,” Trump was discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected his relationship with China when host Maria Bartiromo stated that President Xi was “a killer.”

“He is a killer,” Trump immediately agreed. “But I had a great relationship with him. Once COVID came it was a different story because they really….not only this country, they’ve really destroyed the whole world.”

Trump said China is now, following the rise of the pandemic, a “threat” from an “economic and military standpoint” to the United States, and that President Joe Biden is “afraid” of President Xi and because of that alleged fear, has not pushed the global community to dig into the origins of the pandemic.

Trump and others have previously accused the Chinese government responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic by leaking it from a Wuhan laboratory; a theory that was initially dismissed by many, but has been gaining considerable steam in recent months as more facts come out.

But despite Trump’s strong language and accusations against China, he was adamant that the United States not boycott the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing by saying it would be an unflattering look, comparing it to the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics.

“I watched Jimmy Carter do it, and it was terrible,” Trump said. “Hurts the athletes. There are much more powerful things we can do that…much, much more powerful things. That’s not a powerful thing. It almost makes us look like, I don’t know, sore losers.”

China’s Foreign Ministry was quick to respond to Trump’s Fox News interview, with spokesperson Zhao Lijian claiming that the former U.S. president was “scapegoating” China when it comes to COVID-19’s death toll.

No matter how hard some hypocritical politicians try to divert attention and shift blame, they will not change the fact about their disregard for people’s life and health and botched epidemic response,” Zhao said. “Trump’s repeated scapegoating will only remind people who should be the first to blame for all these miseries.”

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