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Op-Ed: Most Politicians Are Educated, Middle-aged Or Older, But If You See What’s Happening In Our Country, They’re Mostly All Stupid

Most politicians are educated, middle-aged or older, but if you can see what is happening in our country, the best you can say is they are mostly all stupid. File photo: Photoschmidt, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – No matter how much education, experience, or how many years you have lived, there’s one thing you can’t fix – it’s stupid. This mainly applies to the politicians who are running our country (some say into the ground). Supposedly, most all are educated with college degrees and are mostly middle-aged or older, but if you can see what is happening in our country, the best you can say is that they are mostly all stupid.

Since the Chinese virus (the pandemic) has hit the world and the United States like a ton of bricks, we (through our elected politicians) have done things that reinforce the theory that they are stupid. It seems that misinformation is the product that most of the politicians and government bureaucrats use to contradict themselves on an almost daily basis. In order to combat the COVID virus since the beginning of 2020, the so-called experts, both in and out of government, have made many pronouncements that contradict what they have previously stated.

Take for instance, the wearing of masks. First they said it was imperative that you wear a mask, then (according to Dr. Anthony Fauci), the masks were not useful. As the pandemic has continued, up till this day, now masks are necessary and must be worn wherever we go (not only one but two masks, according to Fauci). Then we had the fiasco that schools should be closed for in-person learning and that virtual learning at home should take its place. As a result, learning took a hit, social and mental problems affected many of the young students with drug and alcohol addiction spiking up.

As a result of the drastic measures of closing down many states and cities, many businesses folded up as result, never to reopen again. In addition, due to the efforts of George Soros and other radical organizations, ANTIFA and BLM, a rash of ultra-left wing attorney generals and district attorneys have been elected through their efforts. This has led to an inordinate amount of crime as result of these radicals instituting no bail or reduced bail for criminals arrested, emptying out our jails, and defunding the police, leading to many policemen retiring or resigning, thereby leaving a void in law enforcement. These actions, causing chaos and a rampant spike in crime, has mainly occurred in states and cities run by Democrats. Stupidity seems to be the norm instead of common sense.

To compound the crime situation, our “stupid” politicians, again mainly represented by the Democrat Party, have gone on a spending spree whose main object is the “Transformation of America”, a policy originated by former President Barack Obama. The Democrats have and are proposing to spend trillions of dollars in their quest to change America into the “United States of Europe” with their socialist oriented policies. Our national debt is approaching the $30 trillion mark which is being financed by our Treasury Dep’t. by printing and borrowing money, which fuels the rapid increase of inflation, with little end in sight. Many of these problems could have been mitigated or avoided if President Biden didn’t put a sledgehammer to many of the policies of President Trump. If that wasn’t the height of stupidity, than nothing is stupid.

That’s why the election of of 2022 is so important in trying to bring common sense back into our government and our lives. We must throw the stupid rascals out in 2022. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

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