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Op-Ed: Congressman Adam Schiff is a Criminal; He Belongs Behind Bars

Adam Schiff
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), is a lawyer, and should be disbarred for his actions. File photo: Danny Liao Photography, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – I’m Jewish, so I’ll admit embarrassment at having one of us, Adam Schiff (D-CA), sitting in the House of Representatives. In short and simple terms, he’s a “Goniff,” Jewish word for “crook.” As Fox News host Mark Levin so adequately put it, Schiff, a lawyer, should be disbarred for his actions. He described that Schiff and his staff on the Democrat led January 6 Commission, admitted to falsifying text messages between GOP Rep. Jim Jordan and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Levin’s words: “When it comes to Adam Schiff doctoring evidence, Adam Schiff is a lawyer and has a license in the state of California and maybe other places. Lawyers are not free to doctor evidence particularly when they are doctoring evidence for the purpose of putting people in prison.” I’ll add that it’s actually criminal in nature to do so. Schiff belongs behind bars.

He’s a political/pathological liar. Back during the 2019 House impeachment hearings against then President Trump, Schiff used that same illegal technique and doctored a transcript of a telephone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. And after getting reamed and called out for fabricating the transcript of the call between the two world leaders, Schiff later claimed with huge chutzpah, that his version of the call “was only meant to be a parody,” rather than a verbatim account of the phone call. It was he, who back during the first days of Trump’s assuming the presidency, started going after him. He led the charge calling for Trump’s impeachment by claiming falsely that he had read correspondence between Trump and Russian President Putin and that when that information would be released, Trump would be impeached as a traitor to this country. He lied. He never read such material because it was a lie. Made up by Schiff himself, to harpoon Trump before he even knew where the rest room was in the White House.

Now he’s at work again, trying to shore up the Democrats’ sagging, ludicrous January 6th insurrection tale. At this point, even though Nancy Pelosi has put together a stacked congressional committee composed of all Trump haters, no one has been even charged with insurrection, no one was armed during these disturbances and the only one killed was an unarmed white woman, a Trump supporter who had been a military veteran. That was what the radical Left, led by Schiff still calls a “major insurrection attempt to take over the halls of Congress.” Trump himself called at that time for a peaceful protest. However, with the Left obsessed with criminalizing the actions of Trump, their hatred for him seemingly never ending although he’s been out of office for nearly a year, Schiff still leads the charge to make up stories that seem to just evaporate in thin air because they’ve all been proven false. This insurrection fable will pass into history as another radical left failed attempt at winning at all costs.

And, if anyone is long overdue for being called out and punished for his behavior, it’s Schiff. At this point, in his very liberal district, his Congressional seat is secure. He’ll never be voted out. We hope and pray, that after next year’s massive Conservative victories, the Republicans in charge of committee assignments (like the Dems did when they took over), would pull Schiff from his leadership position and make him do penance for his actions. In our minds, he is a criminal looking to lock up his political opponents with false evidence concocted in his own mind. He’s a lawyer, a Jewish one, no less, who should know better and must pay for his actions. Let’s see if the Republicans can fight fire with fire when they’re in charge. We hope so.

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