WATCH: Trump Says, “No Way” Biden Is Running The Country, “So Obvious”

Donald Trump joined Maria Bartiromo
Former President Donald Trump joined Maria Bartiromo to discuss the infrastructure bill and Biden’s failed handling of the southern border. Photo credit: Fox News / Sunday Morning Futures / YouTube.

PALM BEACH, FL – In a recent interview tapped Friday and aired this past Sunday with Maria Bartiromo for her “Sunday Morning Futures” Fox television show, Donald J Trump sat with the long-time Fox News journalist and commented on the 2022 midterm elections, how he jokingly would “like to” run against Hillary Clinton again in 2024, and the current commander in chief Joe Biden, where Trump said there is simply “no way” Joe Biden is running the country, when Bartiromo asked, “Who’s running the country?”

Do you think someone else is directing him [Biden]? Bartiromo asked.

Well, I never called Mike Pence President,” Trump said referencing Biden recently calling Vice President Harris, ‘President Harris’, “I’ll tell you I can’t imagine what’s going on, it’s hard to believe. Well think of it, it was so obvious in this case because $450,000, he was incensed, he was very upset by that question, asked by a very good reporter actually, but he was very angry at that question, like, how dare you, what a stupid question of course, the next morning he was saying how, yeah, this is something that we think is excellent. That really means in the truest sense that he is not running the country, because there’s no way you go from indignation to oh that’s wonderful.

Donald Trump, 45th U.S. President

Trump was referencing a reporter, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy, asking Biden about $450,000 payments which may be distributed, in the form of settlements, to illegal immigrants who were separated at the border suggesting such payments would incentivize more migrants to try to cross the border illegally. Biden initially rejected the report as garbage appearing to know nothing about it, while just three days later vigorously lashed-outdefending compensation payments to families separated, of which he would not detail how much those would amount to, despite some reports saying it they could be as much as one million per family.

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