PublicSq. And California Businesses “We Will Not Comply With Mask Mandate”


SACRAMENTO, CA – In light of yesterday’s announcement by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) mandating masks for indoor settings, over 300 businesses remain steadfast in their opposition to mandates. These 300+ businesses which can be found throughout California are members of a new platform called PublicSq. which connects freedom- loving people to businesses who share and respect their values. 

“We are hoping that each of our PublicSq Business partners will respect each individual’s medical choices related to masking and vaccinations, and refuse to comply with the next round of mandates,” states Michael Seifert CEO of PublicSq., “Millions of Californians are looking to spend money at the businesses that are willing to respect and protect their freedoms, and we’re thankful to be able to showcase yours”.

Despite COVID-19 data showing cases and hospitalizations well under previous rates, yesterday, Dr. Mark Ghaly issued a mandate requiring all indoor businesses to require masks.  In addition to the new mask rules, the state is also requiring unvaccinated people to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test for events of 1000 people or more.    

“There has to be a moment where we wake up and say, “no more”.  Not only will we not participate in these mandates but we will not support those who do,” proclaims David Chiddick owner of Koffie Co. in Escondido. “We hope this mandate pushes everyone to finally be inconvenienced enough to drive a little further and spend a little more to support a freedom loving business,”

This mask mandate comes just two weeks after PublicSq. hosted their first job fair with over 30 businesses in Southern California looking to hire new employees regardless of their medical status.  Employers from hospitality, fitness, real estate to healthcare and more were represented at the event.   

“Our business stands for freedom, freedom of choice.  We will not comply and are ready to hold the line,” Claudia Sinnott owner of Fig+Feather.

People who want to support other businesses not enforcing these mandates, PublicSq. can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play Store

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