29 Pawnbroker Violations Found During Inspections of 4 West Volusia County Pawn Shops

Volusia County pawn shops
After a hand inspection of one week’s worth of transaction records, there were a total of 29 violations found at four Volusia County pawn shops. File photo: Noel V. Baebler, Shutter Stock, licensed.

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL – Sheriff’s detectives along with investigators from the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services conducted the first in a series of pawn shop inspections this week and found several violations of the law on pawnbroker transactions.

Four pawn shops on the west side of Volusia County were found to be violating certain requirements of the pawnbroker transaction form. Those violations can range from missing serial numbers and brand names, unsigned transactions, incorrect customer information, poor quality fingerprints, inaccurate accounting of jewelry and other faulty descriptions of pawned property.

After a hand inspection of one week’s worth of transaction records, there were a total of 29 violations found at four pawn shops:

  • People’s Pawn, 1035 S. Volusia Ave, Orange City: 11 violations
  • Bad Dog Guns, Gold and Pawn, 745 N. Volusia Ave., Orange City: 9 violations
  • La Familia Pawn and Jewelry, 2397 Enterprise Road, Orange City: 8 violations
  • Auto Pawn of Deltona, 2031 Saxon Blvd., Suite 111A, Deltona: 1 violation

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Violations are issued by FDACS investigators and carry a fine of up to $1,000 each, for total maximum fines of $29,000 across the four stores.

Compliance with the pawnbroker transaction law is a key to the ability of law enforcement to locate stolen property and solve retail thefts, burglaries and other crimes. The Sheriff’s Office and state investigators will be conducting similar inspections at other locations in the future.

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