Arizona RINO’S Political Career Likely Over After Being Caught On Audio Bashing Own Party “Republicans Are Disgusting To Me”

Arizona RINO
Alex Stovall, a 26 year-old candidate running for Congress in Arizona on the Republican ticket, was recently caught on audio by one of his own campaign staffers bashing his own party over issues such as fundraising, the 2020 election, and more. Photo credit: Project Veritas Action

MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ – Alex Stovall, a 26 year-old Army Reservist candidate running for Congress in Arizona on the Republican ticket, was recently caught on audio by one of his own campaign staffers bashing his own party over issues such as fundraising, the 2020 election, and more.

In announcing his candidacy, Stovall proclaimed himself “pro-second Amendment” and an “America Firster” who is “running for Congress to take on AOC,” apparently referring to progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

However, in a recording posted on YouTube by undercover group Project Veritas, Stovall can be heard presenting a far different version of himself than he portrays to the public. In fact, at one point he literally expresses personal disgust for the Republican Party, including claiming that the GOP-lead partisan audit of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona was “criminal.”


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“[The] Republican Party is disgusting to me. The stuff that they’re doing is criminal an they should all be thrown in prison,” he allegedly said in the clandestine recording made by an un-named staffer in his car. “The MaCarthys, the Cawthorns, the whole audit bull crap thing that they’re doing.”

In that audio snippet, Stovall appears to be referencing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), in addition to the Arizona audit.

However, despite his personal feelings about the audit, Stovall publically expressed support for it at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), according to a clip by Project Veritas.

“I try and tell people that the audit is paramount, but it’s not mission critical,” Stovall said at CPAC. “What’s mission critical is that we take the House back. If we get this audit done and the Democratic Party still own the House, it was in vain.”

When asked at a different location if he believed that former President Donald Trump had actually won the 2020 election, Stovall stated that he did not buy into the claims of widespread fraud that have been dominating the Republican narrative.

“No [I don’t think Trump won]. Do I think there was fraud? Yes. But not enough to overturn the election. But I’m not going to broadcast that everywhere,” he said.

In other audio clips, Stovall also expresses willingness to accept endorsements and campaign donations from individuals that he appears to find personally objectionable, such as conservative author and talk show host Candace Owens as well as Donald Trump.

“I listen to my counsel… that’s why when they say ‘go get an endorsement from somebody’ I say, ‘oh alright cool,” he said. “No, I don’t have respect for Candace Owens anymore. Will I take her donation and take her donors? Absolutely, but it goes no further than that. I would never invite her to a Christmas party.”

As for Trump, Stovall said that he would accept his endorsement if he were to make one, but “I’m not going to publicly advertise it. People didn’t like him, not in Arizona. You don’t win Arizona by being super right Republican.”

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