Employees Sprayed With Chemical Agent At Port Charlotte Sam’s Club During Attempted Theft In Liquor Store

Three females are wanted for an attempted theft at Sam’s Club where employees were sprayed with a chemical agent.

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at the Port Charlotte Sam’s Club liquor store regarding an attempted theft and employees being sprayed with a chemical agent. At approximately 4:30pm on Monday, December 6, three females entered the liquor store and began to fill a cart. Once they had loaded the cart with large amounts of Patron and Hennessey and taken the cart to the register, the individuals stepped outside and had a conversation that was believed to be about payment. Upon re-entering, the females asked the clerk at the register to remove and void some of the bottles from the sale. 

As the clerk was performing this task, one of the females sprayed the clerk in the face and eyes with a chemical agent and attempted to pull the cart out of the store. However, another clerk grabbed the cart and prevented the theft. At that time, the three females fled the store and drove off in a white sedan bearing a temporary tag. 

The clerks were treated at the scene by Charlotte County EMS. Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, and ask that anyone with information regarding the identity of these individuals call the non-emergency line. 

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