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Op-Ed: Randy Andy and the Fickle Democrats

Anna Ruch alleged that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, put his hands on her cheeks – a moment caught on camera, where the discomfort on Ruch’s face seems apparent – and asked “Can I kiss you?” As Cuomo allegedly drew closer, Ruch said that she moved away from him.
Randy Andy Cuomo, the macho, holier-than-thou former Democrat Governor of New York, personified the fickle liberal Democrat.  Photo credit: Lev Radin /, licensed.

The word “Fickle” is defined as “changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection”. In other words, saying one thing and doing another, and if you disagree you’ll be called a racist or a bigot, or other slur.

Whatever beef the electorate had about Donald Trump (his style, his personality, or his Tweets) they had to admit that he said what he meant and meant what he said, which was quite unusual for a politician. Compare Trump with Biden and you’ll see a total contrast in their decision making processes. Love him or hate him, you knew where Trump stood on the issues as compared with wishy-washy Biden, who has changed his positions – for better or worse – on almost everything he said.

As for Randy Andy Cuomo, the macho, holier-than-thou former Democrat Governor of New York, he personified the fickle liberal Democrat. He preached morality, but practiced immorality in practically every public office he has held since the Bill Clinton presidency. His persona was one of being a paragon of knowledge and virtue on almost every topic, but upon hindsight his decisions for the State of New York were less than positive or downright destructive.  One of his worst decisions was his opposition to the process of “Fracking”, the process of extracting oil and gas from subterranean rocks and boreholes. Neighboring Pennsylvania promoted and encouraged the process of fracking as to being beneficial to the economy of Pennsylvania, it has, especially as it benefited the rural, and economically deprived areas of the state. Instead, Cuomo initiated a program for the City of Buffalo called “Buffalo’s Billions” that supposedly was proposed to revive the long-stalled upstate economy. Cuomo promised $750 million to build various projects as part of his “Buffalo Billion” plan, which was supposed to produce 5,000 new jobs, including 3,000 in western New York.  As with most Democrat sponsored projects it turned out to be Cuomo’s “Billion Dollar Boondoggle” as the project failed miserably to produce any meaningful results, except for the few crony contractor friends of Cuomo.

Look what the Democrats are now proposing as the country is in the throes of the worst inflation in 30 years. Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending plan of $3.1 trillion, referred to as a “Human Infrastructure Plan”, will, as most economists have proclaimed, that, if passed, (even a scaled down amount), it will exacerbate the inflation spiral upward as the government prints money like “drunken sailors” (my apologies to drunken sailors). Most of the elites in the Biden Administration, that is made up of mostly academics and professional bureaucrats, with minimal actual first-hand business experience, all seem to have failed the course in “Economics 101”. They actually have proclaimed that all this spending will not cost us one red cent, and that it’s totally paid for by taxing the filthy rich and the corporations. Can you believe that claim? They must be living in “La-La Land”. We are now approaching $30 trillion of debt, that our children and grandchildren will have to confront that debt down the road.  Let’s hope calmer heads will prevail in that Republicans will band together in unison, and a few sensible moderate Democrats (Sen. Manchin and Sen. Sinema) to stop this Biden “boondoggle” before it bankrupts the country.

Added to these previously presented “boondoggles” by Democrat politicians, look at the chaos running rampant in the states and cities run by Democrats. Lawlessness and crime, fiscal irresponsibility, and voting irregularities seem to infect many of those states and cities. It seems wherever there is incompetence, you’ll find a Democrat politician or politicians involved in the running of those States and cities.

The off-year election of 20022 will be the bell-weather of whether we will bring back sanity, in the running of our government, into our lives. The tax and spend liberal Democrats must be defeated in order to bring the Biden calamity to a screeching halt, otherwise we’ll become a clone of both Venezuela and Cuba.

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