Texas Father: “My Government Lied To Me, They Said It Was Safe. Now, I Go Home To An Empty House. Thanksgiving I Will Spend In The Cemetery”

Texas Father
Sobbing throughout his testimony, a heartbroken single father from Texas spoke lovingly about his late son, Ernesto Ramirez Jr., who succumbed to myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – after receiving the jab, he said.

MCALLEN, TX – Ernest Ramirez, a heartbroken single father from Texas, recently spoke at a “Real, Not Rare” rally about the loss of his 16 year-old son, who he claimed had tragically passed away after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

“Real, Not Rare” is an organization that represents individuals who have been injured or otherwise have experienced adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

Sobbing throughout his testimony, Ramirez spoke lovingly about his late son, Ernesto Ramirez Jr., who succumbed to myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – after receiving the jab, he said.

“I raised my boy since he was a baby. He meant the world to me. I got the vaccine to protect my son,” he said while choking back tears. “We got the COVID vaccine because I thought it was to protect him. I thought it was the right thing to do. It was like playing Russian roulette. My government lied to me, they said it was safe. Now, I go home to an empty house.”


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While appearing to be inconsolable, Ramirez went on to describe his son as his “best friend.”

“Me and my son have never been apart, we’re always together. He was my best friend, I always told him it was me and him against the world,” he said.” At the age of 7 he wanted to play baseball, so I ended up coaching the league baseball for 7 years. He was a heck of a baseball player.”

Ramirez also said that his son had aspired to join the Air Force, a move that he said he was fully supportive of, and he was heartbroken that his son will now never realize his dream.

“He was telling me he wanted to join the Air Force, so I said ‘that’s good, I’ll back you up with anything you want to do.’ He joined ROTC in high school…he was always full of smiles.” He said. “Anybody that knew my son would say he was happy. I wasn’t rich, but I gave him everything he wanted. He didn’t lack for anything. We went fishing, camping, everything.”

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