ROGER STONE: “I Have This Awful Tendency To Tell You What I Really Think, That Makes Me A Truth Teller, That’s Why I Must Be Silenced.”

The Gateway Pundit
Gateway Pundit spoke with Stone at The Truth About Cancer Conference, an event for “health enthusiasts” and proponents of alternative medical facts that occurred October 22-24 at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center. Photo credit: The Gateway Pundit / Rumble.

NASHVILLE, TN – Veteran Republican operative and self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” Roger Stone was interviewed recently at an alternative health conference held in Nashville Tennessee, where he expressed his opinions on topics ranging from “cancel culture” to alleged conservative censorship by media and technology companies.

Stone is a political consultant, author, lobbyist and strategist, well-known having worked on the campaigns of Republican politicians including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, and Donald Trump.

Gateway Pundit spoke with Stone at The Truth About Cancer Conference, an event for “health enthusiasts,” and proponents of alternative medical facts that occurred October 22-24 at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center.

First off, the interviewer asked Stone his opinion on cancel culture and if he thought it was dangerous to democracy.


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“After Laura Loomer, I’m probably the most canceled person on the face of the Earth,” Stone said. “I mean, I was kicked off of Twitter for life in 2017, I was banned for life on Facebook and Instagram right after my trial, and last week, you can congratulate me, I was finally banned on TikTok.”

However, Stone ran down the list of alternate social media platforms that he can still be found on, saying it’s important for conservatives to have a voice.

“You can find me on Gab you can find me on Telegram, you can find me on Freespace, you can find me on a Parler – although I think I’m shadow banned there – you can find me on Rumble,” he said. “It’s important that conservatives go to these alternative sites. [Donald Trump] is developing a great new site because I think communications between each other and with everyone else is vital in terms of our long term political success.”

When asked about Trump’s new social media site – Truth Social – Stone was hopeful that it would be a success.

“I don’t know enough about it, I mean he certainly raised enough capital in a brilliant joint venture,” he said. “I read yesterday that there’s some controversy over the source code, but you know Donald Trump always does everything first class and the Trump brand is synonymous with excellence, so I’m hopeful.”

The interviewer made the claim that social media has essentially become a “propaganda arm and a weapon of the left,” a sentiment that Stone agreed with, and elaborated on why he feels that he’s so often targeted when to comes to “cancel culture” and smearing on the internet.

“Because I drive liberals crazy by beating them in elections all the way back to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and of course Donald Trump, so I have a pretty good track record of victory and that makes me a hate figure on the left,” he said. “I also have this awful tendency to tell you what I really think, and that makes me a truth teller… that’s why I must be silenced.”

“Clearly I am a target to the American left and now that [Donald Trump] had the courage and the wisdom and the strength to see through the corruption of my trial and grant me a full and unconditional pardon, the bloodlust for me on Twitter is like it’s like a summer of hatred,” Stone added.

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