Detectives: Man Who Shot Up Spring Hill Apartment Complex Captured On Surveillance Cameras; Charged With Nine Counts of Shooting Weapon

Darien Daley
According to detectives, 21 year old Darien Daley borrowed a grey Toyota Camry and drove to the Hammock Ridge apartment complex in an attempt to locate the intended victim. A total of nine shots were fired at the location.

SPRING HILL, FL – On Thursday, October 28, 2021, Major Case detectives made contact with business owners and residents in the immediate area in order to obtain any video surveillance of an incident which took place on Tuesday October 26, just before 6:30 p.m. Fortunately, numerous surveillance cameras were active during the Shooting.

After a thorough review of all video surveillance, detectives determined a total of nine shots were fired. Additionally, a grey sedan that was observed fleeing the area by witnesses was positively identified as a grey Toyota Camry. Detectives also received a tip regarding a possible suspect and the grey vehicle that was used in the offense.

The investigation revealed the vehicle was registered to an individual residing in the Spring Hill area. Detectives responded to the residence to find the grey Toyota Camry parked in the driveway.

Detectives made contact with the vehicle owner and an additional individual who was identified as a primary witness. The witness provided detectives with detailed information regarding the entire incident, including the identities of the suspect and the intended victim. Detectives also searched the Camry which revealed items of evidentiary value.

The suspect in this case was identified as 21 year old Darien Daley. According to detectives, Daley borrowed the grey Camry and drove to the Hammock Ridge apartment complex in an attempt to locate the intended victim. Upon arrival at the apartment complex, Daley observed the intended victim driving towards the parking lot and began firing in the intended victim’s direction. The intended victim was unharmed. As a result, it was learned multiple items were struck with gunfire to include: vehicles, the apartment building walls, and even an apartment window.

It is believed that the motive behind the Shooting was drug-related. On November 4, 2021, detectives obtained a warrant for the arrest of Darien Daley. He was apprehended later the same day and placed under arrest. Daley denied any involvement in the Shooting incident. Daley was charged with nine counts of shooting or throwing deadly missile into dwelling, vehicle, building or aircraft. His bond was set at $90,000. The is still under investigation.

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