Ormond Beach Girl Donates $1,000 To Volusia Sheriff and Sheriff’s Foundation for Recovering K-9s Shot On The Job In September

Ormond Beach Girl
From left: K-9 Deputy A.J. Davis and Ax, Sheriff Chitwood, Peyton Lilly, and K-9 Deputy Brett Whitson with Endo. Photo: Volusia Sheriff’s Office.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – This week an enterprising 12-year-old presented Sheriff Mike Chitwood and the Sheriff’s Foundation with $1,000 she earned by making masks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peyton Lilly and her mom Christel, dad Skip and brother Landon of Ormond Beach visited the sheriff and their K-9s Ax and Endo at the Stephen Saboda Training Center in Daytona Beach. The K-9s are recovering after being shot on the job in September. Peyton said she became interested in starting a business, and she likes dogs. Her mom said Peyton taught herself to sew the handmade face coverings. She began with $80 and raised $1,000 to donate.

“We knew we were going to donate to an animal cause,” Christel Lilly said. “When we heard the dogs got shot and we knew they needed medical care, we wanted to donate to them.”

The Sheriff’s Office is very grateful for Peyton’s kind donation to the Sheriff’s Foundation, which will be earmarked for K-9 care. In return, Sheriff Chitwood proudly presented a plaque to Peyton for her generosity and kindness.


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