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Op-Ed: Maybe Democrats Just Can’t Win Elections Without Cheating?

Outsider and non-politician, Glenn Youngkin, came from far behind to beat a long-time, professional politician, Terry McAuliffe, to become the elected Governor of Virginia, against all odds.  File photo: Michael Robb, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – This past election suggests that when you conduct an election ‘on the up and up” and don’t try to manipulate the voting procedures, the results might be different than otherwise would be the case, such as what happened in the presidential election of 2020.

Look what happened around the country in this off-year election of 2021. Take the case of Virginia, an outsider, non-politician, Glenn Youngkin, came from far behind to beat a long-time, professional politician, Terry McAuliffe, to become the elected Governor of Virginia, against all odds. McAuliffe, the former Governor of Virginia, was supposed to have an easy time in being elected governor a second time. His arrogance during a debate weeks before the election, when he stated that parents had no business telling what the schools should be teaching their kids, hit a nerve that turned otherwise mild-mannered parents into a rage that turned the election on its head and turned their allegiance to McAuliffe’s opponent, Youngkin, who then jumped in to support the parents as they complained about the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” and by over turning the mask mandate and the closing of schools due to the pandemic. 

McAuliffe, instead of retracting his statement, doubled down on his statement thereby causing revolt among many parents who then turned their support to Youngkin. Even in Loudon County, where Democrats usually received close to 70% of the vote, they just got a little over 50%, mainly because of McAuliffe’s stand on education and his dismissal of parental input as what their children should learn and what they should be exposed to in the classroom. This led to Youngkin being able to get the votes needed to win the election, as the voters in Southwest Virginia and in the rural areas went heavily for Youngkin, in overcoming the big Democrat counties of Northern Virginia. Not only did Youngkin win, but his down ballot Republicans colleagues won the Lt. Governorship and the Attorney General offices along with a Republican majority in the House of Delegates. You could say it was a clean sweep for the Republicans.

In addition to the Republican victories in Virginia, they also won races and propositions around the country, thereby making it clear that the policies being pushed by the Democrats were not looked upon favorably by the electorate, as they were viewed as pushing radical policies without any input by the Republicans. President Biden ran for office on a platform of unity and by working with the opposition, but he has actually done a 180° turn and seems to have become a radical politician under the cloak of socialists, Bernie Sanders and the Squad. It seems to me this is portending to be a disaster for the Democrats in the 2022 mid-term elections, where both the House and Senate are up for grabs.

During this election in Virginia, there were no major election changes as was the situation in the presidential election of 2020. There was no universal ballot distribution that was sent to all citizens (which left the door open for possible voting fraud), there were no unattended ballot drop boxes or ballots that were cast without voter I.D., and there was no ballot harvesting permitted. All those voting practices were in play during the 2020 election which caused many observers to say that the election was tainted because of the lax rules and procedures in play that favored the Democrats.

Will election cheating be a thing of the past? Probably not, but we can and should make our future elections both convenient and honest by following uniform rules of voting that are not changed in the months and weeks before the usual election day of the 1st Tuesday in November. We also should reconsider having elections starting months before the usual election day. Events change during that time period which might affect a potential voters vote. As a case in point, people in Virginia, who voted prior to the debate between McAuliffe and Youngkin, and who voted for McAuliffe, didn’t hear his comment on parental input of what role the parents should have in what their children are taught and exposed to in school, and who then might have had a different view of him after what he said in the debate and might then not have voted for him after hearing his comment. By then, it was too late to change their vote.

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