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Op-Ed: Understanding Cannot be Forced on Someone Who Chooses to Be Ignorant


 DELRAY BEACH, FL – That headline phrase can be applied to Joe Biden and the Democrats as they try to sell their “snake oil” to the American people by trying to implement their “total transformation” of American society under the guise of being “fair” to all our citizens. But, there’s one problem, their “fairness” fails the smell test. The policies they propose, instead of making life more bearable and livable, will actually cause most Americans unbearable anguish and pain. We get a glimpse of that today with runaway inflation at the gas pump, on the food we buy, the empty shelves at the stores, and the prices of housing and other necessities of life.

The Democrats continue to promise giving away money and things of value in order to try to gain the support of the masses they so desperately strive for, and the hell with common sense. They use the term “progressive” to try to connote change for the better, but when it comes down to reality, they are actually trying to change us into becoming the United States of Europe – a pseudo-Socialist society which will make our country mediocre instead of being the preeminent country that we have become, thanks to our Founding Fathers foresight and dedication to the rule of law.

As the Biden Administration took over the running of the government, they have at, “break speed”, tried to initiate radical policies as advocated by the avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders and his angry band of toadies, the “Squad”. Biden ran for president on a platform of being a “moderate” who was going to be a uniter rather than a divider. So far, he and the Democrats have been anything but. They seem to be hell-bent on spending money we don’t have and claiming this excessive spending on infrastructure and social programs will cost the average American taxpayer zero, with the exception of taxing the “filthy rich”, who they claim will finance their orgy of spending. One problem, even if they tax the wealthy 100% of their assets, they still won’t be able to cover the “pork” provisions that dominate most of the spending proposals they bring to the table. I guess they think the citizens are all ignorant and stupid to believe that economic nonsense? Maybe they are right, after all, the country voted for Biden (supposedly).

Take the $1.3 trillion supposedly “Infrastructure Proposal”, it is estimated that approximately 15% of that money is for real infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, airports etc., the rest of the monies are for pet projects for the Congressmen and Senators for their constituencies, hoping that by “bringing home the bacon” to their states and districts, it will help them get re-elected.

The same with Biden’s and the Democrats $3.5 trillion, “Build Back Better” monstrosity (what they call the “Human Infrastructure bill”) that will give sop to the radical left-wing of the Democrat Party that seems to be the driving force behind this glutton of spending by Biden and the Democrats. If it passes and becomes law, it will transform our country, not for the better, but for the worse.

The Democrats are masters of using flowery words and phrases that sort of cloak the actions they foster which are diametrically counter to what they are actually proposing. We, as citizens of the greatest country on the earth, must not be duped into falling for the nice sounding words and platitudes that the Democrats herald as to what this country needs and what it is lacking. No matter what highfalutin words and phrases Biden and the Democrats use to try to sell their ridiculous spending binge, the old expression of “You can’t polish horse manure” seems an appropriate response to those ignorant Democrat politicians, no matter how hard they try to camouflage their intentions.

Remember, ignorance can be cured but stupidity is forever.     

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