BOMBSHELL: Damning Evidence of “Widespread” Election Fraud Violations Throughout Entire State Of Wisconsin, Presented By Sheriff

Damning Evidence Of Coordinated
Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling, assisted by Sgt. Michael J. Luell, on Thursday, lay out their case of evidence that clear violations of election law took place in Racine County that were the result of direct orders handed down by top officials at the Wisconsin Election Commission and they have called on Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) to investigate. Photo: Streamed live via Facebook.

RACINE COUNTY, WI – A Wisconsin sheriff has alleged that the state’s Elections Commission broke the law during the 2020 presidential election and regardless of “how the ballots were executed” or “who voters voted for”, that is not their concern. What they are responsible for is “shedding light on” that the law was broken, and those who broke the law should be held accountable.

At a press conference on Thursday streamed live on the internet, Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling, said that several instances of violations of election law took place at the Ridgewood Care Facility in Mount Pleasant, a nursing home, during the 2020 election, and that they were the result of direct orders handed down by the Wisconsin Election Commission.

The argument presented by Sheriff Christopher Schmaling and assisted by Sgt. Michael J. Luell, is that clear directives to not follow proper election law procedure and statute came straight from top officials at the Wisconsin Election Board, including Commissioner Dean Knudson, and those directives and memos were then handed down to local election sites throughout the state. Those local workers then broke the law, by the instructions provided by higher up officials, who admit on camera via zoom meetings, that they were well aware that their instructions would be to break the law, and they did it anyway, knowingly and with intent.

On its surface, and in collaboration with the evidence from various statements and recordings presented at the press conference, this would appear to be some of the most damning evidence seen out of any investigation to date, indicating a coordinated ‘widespread’ example of election fraud throughout an entire state of which had 3,684,726 active registered voters as of Nov. 1. Due to the significance and importance of the statements, all statements included in this story also include a web-linked time stamp [Listen to this Statement] where they can be reviewed in the video of the press conference.

“At the end of the day, we all want to have fair elections,” Schmaling said. “We all want to make certain that our vote counts, and when people break the law we all want them held accountable.”

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling (32:06) [Listen to this Statement]

In addition, Sgt. Luell noted that several residents – all of whom had “serious cognitive problems” and were “unable to make sound decisions” – had been “victimized” because nursing home workers had filled out their voting ballots for them, due to trained poll workers not being allowed to enter the facility by order of the state Elections Commission.

To back up his assertions the Wisconsin Elections Commission had knowingly broken the law it played clips of Commissioner Dean Knudson admitting during a Zoom video meeting that their instructions to election sites throughout the state were, indeed, illegal.

“I have had discomfort, and I expressed it publicly the day that I had first suggested this, that WE WILL BE ESSENTIALLY TELLING THE CLERKS TO BREAK THE LAW,” Knudson said. “And over the ensuing months when I first wrote to the [Governor Tony Evers] about my concerns about the effect of the COVID virus on the elderly back in mid-March of last year, is there some other way that we can accomplish the same thing, to make this guidance instead of formally directing them to do it?”

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling  (video 28:41) [Listen to this Statement]

“We’re just one of 72 counties…Ridgewood is one of 11 facilities within our county. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of these facilities throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. We would be foolish to think for a moment that this integrity issue, this violation of the statute occurred to just one small group of people at one care facility in one county in the entire state,” Schmaling said. “I would submit to you that this needs the Attorney General’s attention. I would submit that the Attorney General should launch an immediate investigation into the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the harm that they have done to all of these individuals, and restore some level of integrity and trust back into our election system.”

Sgt. Michael J. Luell (video 31:16) [Listen to this Statement]

The crime according to the statute is the Wisconsin election commission telling other Officials of the vote, to not follow the law, that’s the crime, so the crime is completed throughout the state, it’s already done, by their letters, by their directives, THEY HAVE COMMITTED CRIME, AFTER CRIME, AFTER CRIME, IN ALL 72 COUNTIES THROUGH-OUT THE STATE. The fact that it leads to victimization is a horrible end result, that’s bad, but the crime’s already done.

Sgt. Michael J. Luell (video 33:24) [Listen to this Statement]

This isn’t a Racine County issue, this is an entire state of Wisconsin issue, about the Wisconsin elections commission who knowingly, and they are the subject matter experts, we talk about the folks that work at Ridgewood, we talk about some 18 year old girl, they’re not the subject matter experts, and I’m not suggesting that they’re not involved in this but, they’re just going off of what they were told by people who are supposed to know the law and people that discussed openly, you heard them talk about how they’re going to violate the law, so the purpose of this is to shed light on what I believe is a statewide problem, there’s clear violations of the law, you don’t need to be a lawyer to recognize and read what happened here and this really ought to grab the attorney general’s opinion of the state of Wisconsin.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling  (video 35:11) [Listen to this Statement]

Attorney General Josh Kaul’s office issued a statement, saying that Department of Justice officials are available to assist in “any case involving credible evidence of fraud.” In response to Schmaling’s allegations, five Commissioners of the Elections Commission released a statement, denying that they had done anything illegal.

“To put it simply, we did not break the law,” Commission Chair Ann Jacobs said in the statement. “In fact, without action from the Commission, many residents in Wisconsin care facilities could have and would have been disenfranchised and not able to vote in the 2020 elections.”

Joint Statement, Chair Ann S. Jacobs, Commissioner Marge Bostelmann, Commissioner Julie Glancey, Commissioner Dean Knudson, Commissioner Mark Thomsen
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