Chinese State-Run Media Blasts Biden Admin As “Most Incapable And Degenerate In The Country’s History”

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The Global Times, a media arm of China’s ruling Communist Party, published an editorial blasting the United States and President Biden’s administration calling it the “most incapable and degenerate in the country’s history.” File photo: Crush Rush, Shutter Stock, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Amid building tensions with the United States over the backing of Taiwan’s purported independence, The Global Times – an English-language Chinese state-run media outlet – ran an article that was highly critical of the administration of President Joe Biden, calling it the “most incapable and degenerate in the country’s history.”

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) officially claims Taiwan – officially known as the Republic of China – as part of its territories; however, in reality, the PRC rules only Mainland China, and while it has no control of Taiwan, it nonetheless still claims control over it under its “One China Principle.”

Despite China’s assertions, however, Taiwan has maintained its autonomy and independence from the PRC for decades, and the United States has backed that status, to the point of even offering military aid should China ever attempt to retake the territory by force.

The Biden Administration has drawn China’s ire as of late with its attempts to back Taiwan at the United Nations and help the country to participate with the organization in a more “meaningful” way. As a result, The Global Times, a media arm of China’s ruling Communist Party, published an editorial blasting the United States and President Biden.


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“The current U.S. government is the most incapable and degenerate in the country’s history. The U.S.’ national strength has greatly lost its relative advantage, so the cards of trade and human rights Washington plays to counter China have almost no effect at all,” the editorial said. “Meanwhile, the military deterrence from the Chinese mainland is also containing the Taiwan card the U.S. plays. The U.S. then has come to this cheap shot as a ‘new weapon’ to launch an alternative offensive against China.”

The Global Times also stated that if the U.S. succeeded in integrating Taiwan into the U.N., it would only result in dividing the organization.

“The U.S. will become a historic sinner that further undermines world unity,” they said. “But one thing is for sure: No matter how badly it tries, Taiwan will not be able to enter the U.N. The bigger the farce the U.S. makes, the more disgraceful it is.”

President Biden stated in a recent CNN interview that the U.S. has a “commitment” to back Taiwan militarily, should China ever attack the island country.

“I don’t want a Cold War with China,” Biden said. “I just want to make China understand that we are not going to step back. We are not going to change any of our views.”

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