VAERS Update Indicates Over 800,000 Submissions of Adverse Reactions from COVID-19 Vaccine Since Inception; Various Issues, Including Death

The VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has been estimated to account for 1% of vaccine injuries. Both the CDC’s VAERS website and OpenVAERS have highly visible disclaimers warning readers on the use of VAERS data. File photo:, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated the number of adverse reactions reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a portal that is used by the CDC as an “early warning system” for healthcare providers, vaccine manufacturers, and the general public to immediately report side effects from vaccines.

According to new VAERS numbers, available from OpenVAERS, a private organization that organizes and posts publicly available CDC and FDA data, the database showed that as of October 15, 2021, there have been a total number of 818,042 reports of various adverse reactions to the COVID jab, broken down by various categories of health issues, up to and including death. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 17,128 Deaths
  • 127,641 Doctor Visits
  • 83,412 Hospitalizations
  • 92,017 Urgent Care
  • 26,199 Disabled
  • 10,179 Bell’s Palsy
  • 10,304 Myocarditis
  • 8,408 Heart Attacks
  • 2,631 Miscarriages
  • 31,753 Severe Allergic Reaction
  • 3,875 Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet
  • 18,925 Life-Threatening
  • 9,734 Shingles

Both the CDC’s VAERS website and have highly visible – in some cases unavoidable – disclaimers on the websites warning readers on the use of VAERS data and reminding users that the data is preliminary, unverified, inconclusive, and in raw form.

While it is important to note that anyone can report an event into VAERS, knowingly filing a false VAERS report is a violation of Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 1001) punishable by fines and imprisonment.

The CDC states that “reports to VAERS of death following vaccination do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused the death” and “the reports may contain information that is incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable.” It should also be noted that the CDC temporarily “paused” the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine after several blood clots were reported after its use, along with reports of deaths allegedly connected to it of a woman in Oregon and another in Michigan.

The independent project ‘OpenVAERS’ which is believed to be run by California resident Liz Willner, 55, has been a red-hot target of fact checkers including the Associated Press who claim the site irresponsibly misrepresents the data and that the numbers shown on the site are giving a ‘vague description’ painting a much ‘darker version of reality’ and that they are ‘missing context.’ Another popular fact-checker,, says websites and social media posts improperly cite the unverified raw data as evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines cause deaths and serious events.

In an interview in August of this year, Willner shot back at the fact-checkers saying the data is being used just as it had been intended to be used.

“The point of the data is to be used by a wide range of scholars and to be accessible to the general public,” Willner told Logically. “At no point have we ever taken data out of context. We have used the data exactly as it was intended to be used.”

The CDC also acknowledges that VAERS, originally put in place in 1990, has been estimated to account for just 1% of vaccine injuries, so the number of adverse reactions to the COVID jab reported in all categories may be far greater.

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