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Op-Ed: You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something Stupid

Following a seven-minute address on the Chinese balloon – as well as three other unidentified objects that have been shot down by the U.S. recently that may or may not also be Chinese surveillance devices – Biden was asked by a reporter about his relationship with China.  

DELRAY BEACH, FL – That headline could be directed at the Biden Administration and the Democrats with their proposals to spend money we don’t have and claiming it will cost us zero. They claim this ridiculous statement with a straight face. Biden actually said it would cost us zero, zero, zero. He must think we are all stupid.

What planet is the Biden Administration and the Democrats living on? You don’t need an economics degree to know that if you spend more than you take in you’ll run a deficit, and yes, it will cost you something. The Biden and Democrat proposal which calls for spending between $3.5 trillion and over $5 trillion is the first step in trying to “transform” our country from a capitalist nation into a European–style socialist nation. Led by avowed socialists Bernie Sanders and the Squad, if passed, it would do irreparable harm to our status as the premier country in the world. Nowhere where socialism been tried has it succeeded, in fact, it has brought nothing but misery to the citizens of the countries where it has been tried.  Why then does it garner support in certain demographics of the country? Could it be that our education system has failed to point out the benefits of capitalism by the far-left radical teachers and professors embedded in our schools and colleges?

Look around you, what do you see? Inflation has hit a high that affects all our citizens, both Democrats and Republicans, rich and poor, male and female (if we can still use those terms), etc. Whatever Biden and the Democrats seem to touch, the results normally turn out to be negative. From day one of Biden being sworn in as president, his use of “Executive Orders” tried to negate most all of what Trump put in place, most of which was working quite well for the country, even in the face of the Chinese pandemic that hit our country like a sledgehammer. It seems that the hatred of Trump by Biden took over all common sense. Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline and “Fracking” on government lands as well as exploration for oil in ANWR. This has caused our country from being an energy independent country to us becoming an energy importer depending on other countries, some who are hostile our country. When Trump left office we had the illegal immigration fairly under control by building a wall and having Mexico work with us in stopping illegals from invading our country. Biden has tacitly changed all that, and has invited illegals to cross our border. It is estimated that one to two million illegals will have entered our country by years end. Another boondoggle Biden has embraced is his support of the “Green New Deal”, championed by the radical left of the Democrat Party, headed up by the nefarious Bernie Sanders and the Squad. As a result, when Trump left office the price of a gallon of gas was $1.87, just recently the price has shot up to $3.25 per gallon and higher in states like California. Home heating oil and gas will hit new highs this coming winter exacerbating the pocketbooks of most Americans. All of these Biden policies could and should be labeled as stupid or worse.

Remember, during the presidential campaign, Joe Biden said he was a “Moderate” who was going to bring back civility to our country. Well. how has that claim turned out so far during his 10 months in office? The Democrats and Republicans are at each others throats agreeing on practically nothing of substance.  It seems Biden and the Democrats are still battling Donald Trump, even though he is no longer president. Trump seems to be living in their heads 24/7. Instead of trying to solve our country’s problems, they have embarked on a Soviet-style inquisition about the January 6  breaching of the Capitol with only anti-Trumpers as part the investigating committee. It could be considered nothing but a “show trial”, ala what the former Soviet Union and the Chinese Communists have used to control their citizens. You could say this was another example of the stupidity of Biden and the Democrats.

Biden seems to have squandered his favorable rating at the start of his term, where today he has hit a favorable low of 37% and among Independents it is over 60% and going higher. This abysmal rating, if it continues, points to a Republican tsunami by taking over both the House and Senate in the off-year election of 2022, thereby putting a halt to Biden’s initiatives with a socialist bent.

So yes, you can say that Biden and the Democrats were not to old to learn something stupid, and they will pay the price for their stupidity in both 2022 and 2024.

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