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Op-Ed: Is Lying by Our Politicians and the Media the New Normal?


DELRAY BEACH, FL – Lying has been part of human nature since the beginning of man, but it seems, over the past few years, it’s become the rule rather than the exception. Ever since Donald Trump came on the political scene, it seems that lying about him and his family has become endemic as his enemies will have concocted one lie after another to try to bring him down. To be fair, Trump has been guilty of lying on occasion by using exaggeration, ego boosting phrases, and embellishment of facts, but it pales in comparison to what has been used against him to denigrate both him and his family. The hatred of Donald Trump by his enemies has been unprecedented in the annals of our political history, even though other presidents have faced vitriol, but not as vicious as was directed at Trump.

To begin with, before he was even sworn in as president, his enemies were proclaiming he was an evil person and if elected he should be impeached. Once he became president the knives came out as his enemies accused him of colluding with the Russians to help win the election. It was all lies, as in reality it was his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who was the one colluding with Russians, not Donald Trump. The Independent Counsel, headed up by Robert Mueller, concluded that the whole Trump/Russia conspiracy had no merit whatsoever, and that Trump was not guilty; it was a hoax as Trump always claimed it to be. The Democrats and the media never apologized for their lies and to this day continue to refer to this false narrative, especially by discredited Congressman Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Not only was Trump and his family the victims of lies, but the public, in general, was also lied to on a near daily basis.  All during the pandemic that confronted us and the world, the Democrats and the media tried to shift the blame for the origins of the COVID-19 virus on bats, but not on the actual culprits, the Chinese Communist Government. It seems that because Trump called it the “Chinese Virus”, the knee-jerk reaction of his critics was that if Trump said it was caused by the Chinese in their Wuhan Virology Laboratory, it must be wrong. Now after almost a year, they are finally admitting that Trump was correct that the virus did originate in Wuhan, China.

During the early stages of the COVID infection spreading in the United States and around the world, every time Trump made a statement, his opponents, the Democrats and the media, would claim that Trump was lying, but in fact, it was they who were lying just to make Trump look bad. Trump said that certain therapeutics would help in treating the COVID virus infection, ex. Hydroxychloroquine, a drug originally given to control malaria, but they pooh-poohed the claim because Trump mentioned it. Even today, his mention of Ivermectin is lied about by both the Democrats and the media as being medicine only to de-worm animals, when reports have shown positive results of this medicine for humans, not the animal kind, in mitigating deaths from the virus by patients who contracted the virus. In fact that medicine received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015, and is safe for human treatment of COVID-19. You could say that the lies caused lives to be lost all because of hatred for Trump and the Republicans.

The lies by both the Democrats and the media are quite vexing to say the least. The “fake news” stations of CNN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, CBS and their fellow travelers in the print media, N.Y. Times and Washington Post etc., seem to all be on the same page and script as to the Democrats talking points, many of which are lies. They all seem to have an obsession with Trump, even by repeating the lies in tandem with each other.

So in conclusion, it seems that if a political party (in this case the Democrats) and their shills in the media do not like someone or something, to them, it is fine to lie with impunity. You could say that if you hate Trump it is fine so long as the end justifies the means, even if it is untrue. That is not the American way as it was handed down to us by our Founding Fathers.

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