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Op-Ed: To Confuse a Liberal, Just Use Logic and Facts

To Confuse A Liberal, Just Use Logic And Facts
Most reputable economists say that the bills being pushed for passage by Democrats are examples of partisan wasteful spending under the guise of making necessary investments for our future. File photo:, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – If you listen to the elites of the Democrat Party, you’d think that the electorate and the Republicans are too stupid to understand what the tax and spend Democrats are proposing to spend with money we don’t have. They want us to support their spending plans even though we don’t know exactly what’s in it. It reminds me of the time when Nancy Pelosi said in answer to what was in the Obamacare proposal, that “We’ll know what’s in it, after we pass it”. 

The same is true with the spending monstrosity that the Democrats are trying to shove down our throats today. The first spending bill, labeled for infrastructure spending, from early reports, it looks like the proposal contains loads of “pork” to satisfy some of the congressman’s pet projects that has nothing to do with infrastructure of roads, bridges, airports and other areas that need repair or upgrading. Most everybody, liberal or conservative, are on board with that, but the $1.2 trillion price tag contains a little over 15% for those needed projects, the rest is for “pork”. The second spending bill (labeled “Human Infrastructure”) with a price tag of $3.5 trillion, is even more wasteful. The urgency for passage of these boondoggles of out-of-control spending, is because the Democrats expect to lose their majorities in both the House and Senate in 2022. It seems the Republican senators will remain united against these proposals, but is with the two moderate Democrat Senators, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, to remain in opposition, in order to kill these irresponsible bills from becoming law.

Most reputable economists say that these bills, pushed for passage only by the Democrats, are examples of partisan wasteful spending under the guise of making necessary investments for our future. If the liberals (a/k/a Progressives, Democrat Socialists) that are pushing us to support the passage of these socialist oriented bills, with avowed socialists, Bernie Sanders and the Squad, leading the charge for these fiscally mislabeled pieces of legislation, get their way, we will be flirting with financial disaster, coming close to national bankruptcy.

Biden claims that this profligate spending won’t have any cost and that it will be paid for by taxing the rich. The answer to that ridiculous claim is a resounding “NO”. You could confiscate all the wealth of the top 1% of earners, seize all their bank accounts and stock portfolios, kick them out of their homes, sell all their stuff at auction, and it wouldn’t come close to paying for these humongous spending bills. The vast middle-class, where most of the money is, will have to taxed if we wanted to balance the books. The Democrats won’t tell you that in the open, but they’ll have to do it through subterfuge as they don’t want to alienate potential voters. But eventually, that ploy will backfire on them and bite them in the butt in the future. The Democrats are hastily trying pass these bills as the writing is on the wall that they will lose both the House and Senate in 2022, thus killing any chance to pass these bills.

So, when you use logic and facts to confront the Democrats false pronouncements,  they will fold like a cheap camera, and then we might be able to bring some fiscal sanity back into our country and will prevent us from falling off the cliff of financial irresponsibility.

2022 is the year to throw the rascals out, which will lead us to take back control of the White House in 2024.

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