Law Professor: New Emails “Bring Serious Questions Whether Biden Family Conducted Extensive Influence Pedaling Operation Involving President”

Shared bank accounts with his son Hunter
Despite a media-blackout, shared bank accounts with his son Hunter appear to make President Biden a likely and appropriate target in the ongoing FBI probe into Hunter Biden’s financial affairs and may even show that the elder Biden unwittingly bankrolled some of his son’s 2018 alleged drug and prostitution binges.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite what appears to be a mainstream media blackout, shared bank accounts with his son appear to make President Joe Biden a likely target in the ongoing FBI criminal probe into Hunter Biden’s financial affairs and may even show that the elder Biden unwittingly bankrolled his son’s 2018 allegedly nefarious deeds.

According to emails derived from Hunter’s abandoned laptop and obtained by the, then-Vice-President Joe Biden shared a bank account with his son which was used to pay the pair’s household bills indicating funds from the same account could also have been used to pick up the tab for Hunter’s week-long bacchanal with prostitutes in a California hotel.

The information was contained from emails between Hunter Biden and his business partner at Rosemont Seneca LLC, Eric Schwerin, while Schwerin was working on Joe Biden’s taxes.


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“Your dad’s Delaware tax refund check came today, and I am depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you,” Schwerin wrote in a June 10 email to Hunter Biden.

According to other emails revealed by, the younger Biden paid for his father’s $190-a-month cell phone bill, and for a series of repairs on the family lakeside home in Wilmington.

There are a few outstanding bills that need to be paid and I’m not sure which ones are a priority and which should be paid out of ‘my account’ account and which should be put on hold or paid out of the ‘Wilmington Trust Social Security Check Account,” Schwerin wrote in another June 2010 email to Hunter Biden.

Emails between Schwerin and Hunter Biden also included conversations about requests for a book deal from the then-vice-president, and the donation of the elder Biden’s papers to the University of Delaware.

The email discussions about Hunter’s allegedly influencing peddling by brokering meetings between his father, and Spanish banking big-wigs also took place.

In an April 2010 email to Hunter Schwerin wrote, “Sen. Menenedez, US chair of (the US-Spain Council) – Spanish members include CEO’s of (Spain’s) major banks, … having their meeting in July and Danny (O’Brien) wants explore with you possibly of getting VP to host an event for the group.”

In 2020 Hunter Biden made a public statement acknowledging that his taxes were under investigation by the IRS, and that the FBI was probing his business relationships with foreign individuals and entities, wrote.

An unnamed former prosecutor told that money found flowing between father and son could involve President Biden in those investigations.

“Whatever transaction you’re looking at, if there’s a connection to a family member or a friend, sure the answer is yes (they would be investigated),” the former prosecutor told

During an interview with Fox News yesterday, constitutional law professor at George Washington University, Jonathan Turley, said that despite a media black-out that this is getting ‘more and more serious’ and undermines much of what the president has said including that he never once spoke to his son or family members about any business dealings.

This is getting more and more serious. The question is why the Justice Department hasn’t considered the appointment of a special counsel. We know there’s a criminal investigation going on into the tax issues, possible money laundering, but there’s also serious questions about whether the Biden family conducted an extensive influence pedaling operation involving not just Hunter but his uncle and potentially the President of the United States.

The probes into Hunter Biden’s dealings continue.

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