Father Arrested At School Board Meeting Says District Tried To Cover Up Daughter’s Assault In Bathroom By Transgender Student

Cover Up
In a now-viral video, a Virginia Father was dragged by sheriff’s deputies from the Loudoun County Public Schools board meeting with his pants down around his ankles and was later found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Scott Smith claims his behavior resulted from the May 28 sexual assault of his daughter by an individual described as a “gender-fluid” boy who attacked her in the girl’s bathroom.

ASHBURN, VA – A parent that was arrested during a Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting on June 22 is claiming that the district had attempted to cover up the sexual assault of his daughter in a school bathroom by a transgendered student who – after being quietly transferred to another school – purportedly went on to assault another student while there.

In a now-viral video, Scott Smith was dragged by sheriff’s deputies from the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) board meeting – with his pants down around his ankles – and was later found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest; his 10-day jail sentence was suspended, provided he keeps his record clean for a period of one year.

However, Smith is claiming that his behavior at the school board meeting that resulted in his arrest stemmed from the alleged May 28 sexual assault of his daughter – a ninth grader at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn – by an individual described as a “gender-fluid” boy “wearing a skirt” who attacked her in the girl’s bathroom.

The school district, described as being “progressive,” has instituted several policies for transgender students, including compelling teachers to use their preferred pronouns and renovating their restrooms – which students can choose based on their gender identity – in order to make them more “private.”

Fox News confirmed that the allegations made by Smith’s daughter were investigated by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office – including the results of a rape kit that authorities say confirmed that the victim had been attacked – and resulted in the arrest of a boy on charges of two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio.

“We can confirm a May 28, 2021 case that involved a thorough 2-month-long investigation that was conducted to determine the facts of the case prior to arrest,” the sheriff’s office said. “This case is still pending court proceedings. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is not able to provide any documents that pertain to a pending case.”

However, at the June 22 school board meeting, LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler had denied Smith’s allegations, declaring that

“the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and that “[to my knowledge] we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

Upon hearing this from the Superintendent – as well as a woman attending the meeting who Smith said called his daughter a liar – Smith later admitted to flying into a rage which resulted in his arrest. He said that he has since been banned from all school board meetings.

Daily Wire reporter Luke Rosiak reported via a tweet that the Loudoun County school district had sent the boy suspected of assaulting Smith’s daughter to another school in the district, only for him to then allegedly commit yet another sexual assault there as well.

In June, LCPS lectured the public for worrying about a “red herring,” saying the district had 0 [Zero] bathroom assaults on record. It quietly transferred the boy charged in the May 28 assault to a new school,” Rosiak reported. “October 6, he was arrested for a new sex assault inside a classroom there.”

The sheriff’s office has confirmed that on October 6 a 15-year-old boy was charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, forcing her into an empty classroom where he assaulted her. Elizabeth Lancaster, Smith’s attorney, confirmed that the suspect has the same name as the boy who had been arrested in connection with the assault of Smith’s daughter.

According to reports, the suspect’s court date for the first alleged assault has been delayed so that both assault cases against him can be handled in tandem.

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