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Op-Ed: Is the United States the Illegal Immigrants Nirvana?

Highway Sign Showing Family Crossing
Kamala Harris is our Border Czar, but she seems to be missing in action about the fiasco happening all along our border with Mexico. Is that what a border czar is supposed to do in solving this major problem affecting our country and citizens, ignore the problem? It sure seems that way. File photo:, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – “If you invite them, they’ll come”. That seems to be what is happening in the United States today.  It is estimated that illegal migrants, from over 150 countries, have been apprehended at our border (and thousands who avoided apprehension) during the past year, with the expectation that over one million will have illegally entered our country in just this past year alone. Some of the illegal migrants that have been apprehended had t-shirts with the phrase, “Thank You Joe Biden”.  What is wrong with this administration to let this happen? Are they really trying to “transform” our country into a third-world “Nirvana” for immigrants?

Up till the time President Donald Trump left office, we pretty much had the illegal migrant problem mitigated with the help of Mexico. But, when Joe Biden was elected he decided to do away with all of Trump’s immigration policies that were put in place such as halting building the “border wall”, instituting a “catch and release” procedure, doing away with the “remain in Mexico” policy until a case is adjudicated, and deporting only a minimal number of illegals back to their home country. It seems that the animosity that Biden had for Trump ruled the day when Biden took office. Just because Trump had a workable policy, Biden was against it because it was a Trump policy, therefore he overturned it regardless of its merit. Biden, also during his campaign, said he would welcome all who wanted to come to the United States. So, today we have been inundated with hordes of migrants crossing our border, almost at will, as our Border Patrol is being overwhelmed by the numbers crossing illegally and are unable to handle the hordes that are invading our country.

President Biden appointed V-P Kamala Harris to be our “Border Czar”, but she seems to be “missing in action” about the fiasco happening all along our border with Mexico. Is that what a border czar is supposed to do in solving this major problem affecting our country and citizens, ignore the problem? It sure seems that way.

The United States has had a spike in COVID cases, and it is reported that 25% of the illegals have been determined to be positive for COVID. Are we crazy in letting this potential spread of infectious cases coming into our country unrestricted? President Biden wants to “mandate” our citizens to wear masks and to be vaccinated, but he says nothing about the illegals invading our country. Why the double standard? To me, this misguided Biden policy is a dereliction of duty by the president. Imagine if Donald Trump was in charge during this invasion, the news media and the Democrats would be having a “conniption fit” and would be clamoring for another impeachment of the president.

How much longer can we let this immigration disaster fester before we have a revolt by the law-abiding citizens who say enough is enough? These mostly unskilled, under educated migrants must be taken care of by the federal and state governments, with the cost being born by the U.S. taxpayer. All these illegals will have to be educated, be provided health care, and be housed, all with taxpayer money. Is that fair to our citizens whose lives will be disrupted over this failure by the Biden Administration? 

As our headline infers, when you make it easy to let people into our country uninvited and encouraged, they will come looking for their “Nirvana”.  It must stop or we will not be a sovereign country anymore, just a way station for the people of the world to get freebies our country offers, including those who are entering our country to do us harm.

My advice to the tone deaf Biden Administration, is to return to the Trump border policies, otherwise we will become a third world country with only Democrats in charge. It seems that’s what the Democrats want, total control, and the hell with the rest of the country.

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