UNDERCOVER: Three Pfizer Scientists Say Natural Immunity More Effective Than Vaccine; Feels Like “Evil Corporation” Driven by Profit

Three scientists working for Pfizer say on-camera that natural immunity from COVID-19 is likely more effective than being vaccinated. One said they feel like they work for an “evil corporation” driven only by money and that there are “eyes and ears” everywhere in the building.

MARMARONECK, NY – Project Veritas has released their newest video in an investigative series on COVID-19 vaccines, with this installment featuring scientists working for Pfizer saying on-camera that the natural immunity that can be granted to those who have been infected by the virus is likely as good – if not more effective – than actually being vaccinated.

Pfizer Scientist Nick Karl was shown speaking to a Project Veritas journalist, and said that natural immunity granted post-infection via antibodies is actually better than the vaccine that he helped to develop, while still saying that he supports vaccine mandates.

“When somebody is naturally immune, like they got COVID, they probably have more antibodies against the virus,” he said. “When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus. So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the vaccination,”

Pfizer Senior Associate Scientist Chris Croce also echoed Karl’s sentiment in a separate conversation, saying that natural immunity protects people “probably more” than vaccination and that “you’re protected most likely for longer since there was a natural response.”

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Croce also said that he feels like the company he works for is “evil” and driven only by money.

“I still feel like I work for an evil corporation because it comes down to profits in the end,” he said. “I mean, I’m there to help people, not to make millions and millions of dollars. So, I mean, that’s the moral dilemma.”

A third scientist employed by Pfizer that was in the video, Rahul Khandke, claims that the pharmaceutical company actively works to too their employees from spreading information about natural immunity publicly.

“We’re bred and taught to be like, ‘vaccine is safer than actually getting COVID.’ Honestly, we had to do so many seminars on this,” he said. “You have no idea. Like, we have to sit there for hours and hours and listen to like — be like, ‘you cannot talk about this in public.’”

While claims that natural immunity are valid according to studies, some experts say the acquired immunity provided by vaccines can be safer in some ways, since vaccines don’t require you to catch the virus – and risk serious long-term health issues before becoming effective, especially if you have underlying health issues.

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