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Op-Ed: Imagine Spending $3.5 Trillion and It Costing Zero?

Human Infrastructure Bill
Democrats out of reality monstrosity that is the pork-laden $3.5 trillion boondoggle called the “Human Infrastructure Bill” will prove as political suicide in 2022. File photo:, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Do Joe Biden and the Democrats really think all of us are stupid, all rubes, ignorant, and totally out of reality? The answer is YES. Well, that’s what they say about that monstrosity that is the pork-laden $3.5 trillion boondoggle called the “Human Infrastructure Bill”, that costs us zero, now before Congress.

I really believe the Democrats are committing political suicide with these crazy pronouncements about the outrageous spending bills that they are trying to shove down our throats as beneficial to our economy. All the colorful language of how this profligate spending will benefit the economy is not justified by any rational, thoughtful economist or average Joe. It seems that all the Democrats failed the basic course in Arithmetic 101 in school.

It is quite obvious that Biden pulled a fast one leading up to the presidential election of 2020. From his campaign headquarters, located in his basement bunker in Delaware, he proclaimed himself a political “moderate” who would lead the country by working with the opposition for the betterment of the country. After nine months in office, would you consider Biden a moderate or a healer? It seems his 180° turn to the left and putting him in the philosophical camp of Bernie Sanders (an avowed Socialist) and his minions, The Squad, who seem to be pulling his strings in setting government policy.

As brain-washed as many in our country are and friendly toward the Socialist mindset, when government policies adversely threaten their pocketbook in a negative way, even the die-hard leftist will rebel. That’s what is happening to Biden and the Democrats now. Biden’s ratings are tanking as the policies of his administration are kicking in and creating a hardship on most all of us, liberal or conservative.

The Democrats are seemingly in disarray as many can see the disaster looming in the off-year election of 2022.  Normally, the incumbent Administration loses incumbent House and Senate members in an off-year election, and the Democrats realize that 2022 will have a tsunami of losses because the economic and foreign polices of Biden have been a disaster so far in his presidency. Seeing the disaster facing them in 2022, the Democrats are frantically trying to get their Socialist oriented agenda passed in Congress and signed by Biden while they still have the slim majority in both the House and Senate.

Most all of Biden and his administration are all non-business people as most are career-wise government bureaucrats and products of the left-wing academia. Most call themselves “Progressives” which is a nice sounding term to cover their real proclivities of Marxist/Socialist thinking. They have been able to exert their influence in government with the overwhelming support of the main stream media and the social media platforms, by the demonization of former President Donald Trump.

So, when Biden and the Democrats try to sell their “economic snake oil”, don’t buy it. It will be the ruination of our country, as we know it, and we’ll sink slowly into the abyss of economic dysfunction. We all must work hard to throw these rascals out of office in 2022 and in 2024, otherwise we will become a second-rate country in the image of Cuba and Venezuela.

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