Op-Ed: We Now Know from Firsthand Sources “Biden Lied And People Died”

Biden says he did not see a way to withdraw from Afghanistan
President Joe Biden’s claim to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News that military advisers did not tell him to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan has been contradicted by firsthand sources, the generals themselves. Photo credit: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com

DELRAY BEACH, FL – It has become quite clear that President Joe Biden has continued his wrongful, misguided approach to foreign affairs with the disastrous pullout of our military troops, citizens and Afghan allies in Afghanistan.  Former Obama Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, once said that, “[Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades”.  With the botched Afghan withdrawal, against the advice of the high echelon of our military, Joe Biden has added to his record of failure as put forth by Defense Secretary Gates.

During the two days of testimony before Senate and House Foreign Policy Committees by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, and Central Command General, Ken McKenzie, all stated that they advised President Biden that he should keep a military force of at least 2,500 troops in Kabul until all personnel were evacuated. This advice was ignored by Biden as he decided August 31 was to be the date all military personnel would be removed from Afghanistan. In fact, the military up and left on August 30th, with thousands of U.S. citizens an Afghans with S.I.V. (Special Immigrant Visas) still stranded behind Taliban lines and control. This decision by Biden contradicted his statement he made on August 15 in an interview on ABC with George Stephanopolos, when he stated he would not let anyone, U.S. citizen or Afghan ally, behind in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. That was a big whopper lie which Biden will have to answer to in the days to come.

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Also, his hasty, ill advised withdrawal policy inadvertently led to the death of 13 members of the military, who were helping in the evacuation at Kabul Airport, by a suicide bomber on August 26. You could also claim that Biden’s policy caused the death of two adult civilians and eight children that one of our drones blew up as they were traveling to bring water to other Afghan civilians. This unfortunate drone strike was originally classified as a “good hit” as it supposedly stopped another suicide attack on our troops, but days later the top brass had to “eat crow” and admit that the drone strike was a mistake.

During the over nine months of the Biden Administration, it seems that the truth, about what is going on in and out of our country, has taken a holiday. On our Southern border, with the Biden policy of “welcoming illegal immigration”, quite a few migrants have died as they tried to enter our country illegally. It is estimated that, because of Biden’s policy, over one million illegal aliens will have entered our country by the end of the year. Just recently, we saw a group of Haitian’s invade our country by wading over the Rio Grande River in Del Rio, Texas. Some even had t-shirts that read “Thank You Joe Biden”.  In that group of approximately 15,000 camped under a bridge, only 3,000 were deported and the others were shipped to other locations around the country, and will eventually merge into the population.  Homeland Security Secretary Myorkas has ridiculously claimed that our “Southern Border” is closed, when on the nightly news we see hundreds of illegals crossing unhampered.  Would you call that a “bald faced lie”? I would.

Getting back to the disastrous Afghan debacle, and the leaving of thousands of U.S. and Afghan allies behind under Taliban control, reports have arisen about the revenge the Taliban have initiated on those Afghani civilians who worked for or interpreted for the coalition forces. Hangings, beatings, and brutalization of women and girls have been reported, with more to com as history repeats itself. We seem to never learn how these radical Muslim butchers conduct their lives.

So, when the Biden Administration tries to take credit for these self-made disasters, you can legitimately say that when Biden lied, people died. It is a legacy which will haunt our country now and in the future.

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