Detectives: Woman Found Dead Was Afraid Of “Extremely Controlling” Boyfriend; Was Planning Exit Strategy From Relationship

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Nelson Rivera
According to detectives, 62-year-old Elizabeth Crisanti was afraid of her boyfriend, Nelson Rivera, 61, and she was planning an exit strategy from the relationship before she was found dead in her bedroom Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL – On Ormond Beach man has been charged in the death of his girlfriend, 62-year-old Elizabeth Crisanti, who was was found dead in her bedroom Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Her boyfriend, Nelson Rivera, was also found in the same room but was unresponsive, suspected of a potential overdose on prescribed medication and sent to a local hospital. At the scene, detectives found signs of a struggle, but no sign of any forced entry into the residence, which was locked when deputies arrived for a well-being check and found the couple inside.

The well-being check was requested by a relative after Crisanti didn’t pick up her grandchildren from school. When no one answered the door, a family member provided deputies a key to enter the home. Deputies made entry and found Crisanti deceased with what they identified as sharp force injuries.

After an investigation, detectives learned that Crisanti was afraid of 61 year-old Rivera who was described as being extremely controlling and she was planning an exit strategy from the relationship. A warrant was obtained for Rivera yesterday, Sunday, and he was transported from the hospital to the Volusia County Branch Jail, where he was charged with first degree murder and being held without bond.

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