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Op-Ed: “There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See”


DELRAY BEACH, FL – That proverb, that was coined by English writer, John Heywood, in 1546, uncannily refers to today’s Democrat Party. I’m sure that the Democrats realize that they have bought a “pig in a poke” in their supposedly “elected” president, Joe Biden, but they don’t want to admit it.

It is quite obvious, that in the Democrats desire to get rid of Donald Trump, they brought all their political might (the news media, Hollywood, academia, Silicon Valley and social media etc.) to push Joe Biden over the finish line to have him become president. The way it looks now, the Democrats might just rue the day they chose a cognitively challenged candidate to be the one to take down Trump from being re-elected. It’s only been nine months since Biden took office, but it has been one disaster after another that has befallen his administration, with no end in sight.

First off, the election of Biden itself was tainted with dubious election practices around the country months and weeks before the election of 2020, especially in the “battleground states”, with charges of fraud permeating throughout the various states. Any rational, unaffiliated human being who observed the election of 2020, had to come to the conclusion that there was “something rotten in Denmark”. How could a candidate, with such obvious shortcomings, garner over 80 million votes by campaigning mostly from his basement bunker, while his opponent was campaigning, all over the country, to crowds that sometimes reached 20,000 in attendance at those rallies? It has been reported that many voters were turned off by Trump’s style, personality, and Tweets, but could that really be the reason how Biden supposedly got seven million more votes? Me thinks I smell a rat!

Since the Democrats got their wish by preventing Trump having a second term, they are now saddled with a leader who is taking them down the “Road to Perdition”, as they seem to be blinded to the facts by their loony liberal ideology.

The off year election in 2022, when both the majority of the Senate and House are in play, will be as test case as to whether the electorate wants to go down the road of socialism rather than what the Founding Fathers gave us, the institution of capitalism? Already the talking heads of some influential Democrats see the writing on the wall as to the massive defeat they expect by losing both the Senate and the House in 2022. That is one of the reasons why the Senate and House leadership are pushing their massive spending plans while they still are in the majority. Once they lose the majority in Congress, their push for European-style socialism will be stymied by the Republicans, as well it should.

The blindfolded Democrats realize that Joe Biden has screwed up by excessively using his “executive order” pen to get rid of many of the Trump policies that were working just fine. Those stupid acts of revenge on the part of Biden, has caused inflation to arise in most areas of life, especially in energy (gas prices) and food stuffs. They also have downplayed the disaster of the Afghan pullout by leaving many U.S. citizens and Afghan aides behind under Taliban control. The Democrats also have been “circling the wagons” to sugarcoat the disaster at our southern border, which, for all intents and purposes, is wide open for illegal migrants to migrate into our country illegally (it is estimated that over a million illegals will be admitted into our country just this year alone).

In addition to those disasters listed above, the Democrats are blinded to how Joe Biden carries out his duties as president, whereby it seems that he is being manipulated, like a puppet, by his close handlers in the White House. It is quite obvious, to a rational observer, that Biden is incapable of leading the nation. It wouldn’t surprise me if the “movers and shakers” of the Democrat Party, convinces Biden to step down, using health reasons as an excuse, or they might use the 25th Amendment to have him leave the White House (a long shot at best).

So, in conclusion, our headline of “There are None so Blind as Those Who Will Not See” should be placed upon the heads of those who still support Biden even in the face of all that I have enumerated about his woeful job performance. The one caveat is that if Biden goes, what do we have to took forward to, President Kamala Harris?  That’s a “Hobson’s Choice” if there ever was one.

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