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OPINION: COVID Sophistry Part 2: The Fraudulent PCR Test Was The Key

Astonishingly, there were only 700 influenzas deaths in the 2020-2021 season, and the 30,000 “COVID Deaths” bore a striking similarity to what a typical influenza season yields in terms of deaths.  File photo:, licensed.

SPARTANBURG, SC – In part 1 [OPINION: COVID Sophistry; The Mysterious Disappearance, Re-Appearance, And Re-Disappearance of Fraudulent COVID Deaths – The Published Reporter®], we used the CDC’s own words and data to prove the 600,000 ”reported” COVID deaths only 5% or 30,000 people had died in all of 2020 and 2021 to date ”FROM” COVID. Astonishingly, there were only 700 influenzas deaths in the 2020-2021 season, and the 30,000 “COVID Deaths” bore a striking similarity to what a typical influenza season yields in terms of deaths. 

We learned that by late 2020 the four leading causes of death in the elderly decreased by an amount nearly equal to the reported number of “COVID deaths.” The implication is that somehow other deaths or “normal expected typical or usual” deaths were REBRANDED as COVID deaths. We surmised that the COVID PCR test must be fraudulent and have a sky high false positive rate.

The PCR test used to diagnose COVID was never intended to be used for diagnostic purposes. It can amplify miniscule fragments of DNA [and RNA] but it cannot tell WHERE that fragment came from [COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless – OffGuardian (]. The inventor of the PCR test has echoed this reality even up to his untimely death not long ago. [The inventor of PCR never said it wasn’t designed to detect infectious diseases – Full Fact].

Another major problem was the replication rate; the number of times a sample fragment is replicated. Usual rates should never exceed 24-30, as higher rates can produce “meaningless results.”  Dr. Fauci knows this [Fauci Himself Admits Covid PCR Test at Over 35 Cycles Is Deceitful, Worse Than Useless – Anti-Empire]. The World Health Organization [WHO] have also stressed that replication rates above 35 produce flawed results [The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary (]. Other scientists reviewing this data have come to the same conclusion [Review report Corman-Drosten et al. Eurosurveillance 2020 – CORMAN-DROSTEN REVIEW REPORT (].

They state ”when a threshold of 35 cycles is used, the probability that said person is actually infected is <3%; the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”  As we know now these high cycle rates were used worldwide, and in the US many laboratories were told to use replication rates of 40 to 45 [Coronavirus Cases Plummet When PCR Tests Are Adjusted – The Vaccine Reaction].  It is simply amazing how COVID cases can plummet when the threshold rate is set to the normal lower number.  Is such a system in play today vis a vis vaxed versus unvaxed people?  The implication indeed is that someone can fine tune and play like a fiddle who, and which areas, have positive or negative cases, and/or increasing or decreasing cases.  This would be diabolical to say the least.

There is more information that I also consider “smoking gun” scientific data with respect to the fragments of the so-called COVID virus, the SARS-COV-2 virus, which are being analyzed and replicated with the fraudulent PCR test; another scandalous fraud in itself. This requires some knowledge of genetics and biochemistry. This material is extremely complex, and I have agonized over how to simplify for laypeople so to at least have some idea of how this test produces often meaningless results. This article gives a very basic overview of how PCR works [3 basic PCR steps of DNA amplification process – Biology (]. It is still too complex so I propose to further simplify these concepts and present my own schematic below in Figure 1. This is as easy as it’s going to get without taking genetics 101 and 102.

Figure 1:  The most basic representation of how DNA [and RNA] fragments are replicated with respect to the COVID PCR test.

  • Panel A:  COVID virus genome fragment of many nucleotides–ACGACGACG–remaining portion.
  • Panel B:  Another virus genome fragment–ACGACGACG–remaining portion.
  • Panel C:  DNA primer initiator/BEGIN sequence –ACGACGACG ACGACGACG–DNA primer END sequence.
  • Panel D:  Human gene fragment—ACGACGACG–remaining portion of fragment.

[to be used in conjunction with the ”3 PCR Steps” article referenced above].

Panel A represents the supposed COVID virus fragment that the PCR machine replicates, while panels B and D represent other fragments of genetic material that share the middle ACGACGACG nucleotide sequence of interest that is to be replicated. The implication is this sequence is from the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Panel C represents the primers needed to fuse to the ACGACGACG nucleotide sequence for replication to proceed. The implication is the primers are from the genetic code of the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

So lets begin and I will be brief. The RNA COVID fragment from someone’s nostril or nasopharynx, or throat, or lung secretion, is converted to DNA by an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, and the nucleotide sequence of interest is cleaved, annealed or fused to the primer sequences. The resulting fragments [Panel C] are replicated. by another enzyme DNA polymerase. Individual nucleotides are present in the bath so replication can occur  Note that someone with a high viral load should not require excessive replications. After a certain number of fragments reach a threshold a color change is detected and that is a positive test.

Researchers [The scam has been confirmed: PCR does not detect SARS-CoV-2, but endogenous gene sequences – Rights and Freedoms (] have analyzed the supposed COVID primer sequences AND the COVID viral sequence [represented by the nucleotide sequence ACGACGACG in Figure 1, Panel A] purported to be from the SARS-COV-2 virus and shockingly found:

The genetic sequences used in PCRs to detect suspected SARS-COV-2 and to diagnose cases of illness and death attributed to Covid-19 are present in dozens of sequences of the human genome itself and in those of about a hundred microbes. And that includes the initiators or primers, the most extensive fragments taken at random from their supposed “genome” and even the so-called “target genes” allegedly specific to the “new coronavirus”. The test is worthless and all “positive” results obtained so far should be scientifically invalidated and communicated to those affected; and if they are deceased, to their relatives. Stephen Bustin, one of the world’s leading experts on PCR, in fact says that under certain conditions anyone can test positive! 

This is the smoking gun. Let me explain. What they are saying is that even fragments of genetic material from our shed/degraded cells within our nostrils, throat, lung secretions, can have a small fragment that is co-incidental with the sequences purported to be from the SARS-COV-2 virus. A typical RNA virus has 30 to 40,000 nucleotides in the viral genome. It is not surprising that some of our own genome can overlap given the small sequences being analyzed and replicated. The same analysis holds true for other organisms ubiquitous in the environment that we are bombarded with constantly, and have been for since the dawn of man. This includes even Influenza and other cold and flu viruses which cause false positive results.  The lamestream media is even reporting that the CDC will withdraw by years end the current COVID PCR test as it cannot distinguish between ”COVID” and influenza and other cold and flu viruses [see Part 1 of COVID Sophistry].

So let us summarize. We have exposed the COVID PCR test to be fraudulent in two ways. What is purported to be analyzed is not unique to the SARS-COV-2 virus, and the high number of replications used in and of itself replicates miniscule meaningless fragments of genetic material that convey no useful or relevant information. This fraud was perpetrated on the public as the lamestream media was tasked with promoting hysteria. It is now obvious what the fruits of their labor has accomplished.

In Part 3 we will expand our investigation into the world of COVID therapeutics, and look into the deadly drug remdesavir and other treatments which I believe have killed many people who as we have demonstrated above, never even had COVID in the first place.

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