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Op-Ed: Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the American Voter

Never Underestimate The Stupidity Of The American Voter
 As the State of California is going into the dumpster due to the misguided effects of its present governor, the voters of California have rejected the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. File photo: Matt Gush,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL -That paraphrase of an H.L. Menchen quote, can surely be applied to the recall election of California Governor Gavin Newsom. As the State of California is going into the dumpster due to the misguided effects of its present governor, the voters of California have rejected the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.

The once most dynamic state of the union, has now been in the throes of a massive decline due to the policies put forth by Newsom and the Democrats. During the past couple of decades when the Democrats took over total control of the state, California has been transformed into a progressive nightmare with its policy of welcoming immigration from Central America and Asia, and its policy of “Sanctuary Cities”, with those immigrants generally voting the Democrat ticket thereby preserving the control by the Democrats.

The policies put forth by Newsom and the Democrats, have caused the State of California to lead the nation in having the highest gas prices; the most illegal aliens per capita of any other state; the highest tax rates on individuals and companies; the number of homeless and drug addicts has increased exponentially during Newsom’s term as governor; the highest real estate prices and rental rates making it almost impossible for middle to low income to find reasonable housing; besides having the most lenient criminal prosecution laws; and a prevalence of destructive forest fires due to forest mismanagement. All these negative happenings have come about as Gavin Newsom has been the governor, and yet the voters voted to keep him in office. It seems that the voters voted against their own best interests and now will have to live with their stupidity till his term ends next year.

To emphasize the bad policies of Newsom and the Democrats, the exodus of many taxpaying individuals and companies has taken place, thereby reducing the inflow of tax money by those well-to-do and middle class citizens.  The state seems to be spiraling toward a citizenry of the very poor and the very rich. So much for Socialism leveling the playing field.

These misguided policies also have included rolling blackouts, prices of most commodities to exorbitant levels, a shortage of water resources due to restrictive environmental edicts that makes no common sense. One has to wonder, why do taxpayers continue to vote for politicians that make their lives miserable and unsustainable? Is the party designation, in this case Democrat, the overwhelming incentive to vote against their best interests?

In addition, the persona of Gov. Newsom is one of “do as I say and not as I do”. During the pandemic, he has flaunted his own decrees when dealing with this scourge. He declared that no one meet in groups, but then goes ahead in dining with a group of lobbyists at a very expensive restaurant called the “French Laundry”, with no masks on the guests, but the servers having to wear them; he closed down the public schools for personal learning, but then sent his own children to private schools for in-person learning, while the others had to use virtual learning which really was equivalent to to a second-class education;  he also has championed a railway from Los Angeles to San Francisco which has stalled and many consider a major boondoggle.

As California slowly sinks into the sewer, the voters have no one to blame but themselves for keeping this incompetent governor in Sacramento to further hasten the decline of that once great state.

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