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Op-Ed: Maybe Trump’s “Tweets” Weren’t So Bad After All?

Trump Tweet
The official twitter page for Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, as it was on the 15th of April 2017. File photo: Chris Dorney,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Many of the people who voted for Joe Biden didn’t really vote for Joe Biden, they voted against Donald Trump. Normally, reasonable people vote for the candidate who represents their self-interest, ideas, and values they hold, but in the case of Donald Trump, many of those “reasonable” people voted against Trump because they didn’t like his style, his personality, and his Tweets, even though his policies were one of the best, if not the best, of modern times. In other words, they voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump personally.

Besides the shenanigans of the voting procedures by the Democrats, especially in the “Battleground States” of Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, leading up to the election, Biden supposedly prevailed in the election. Preliminary state audits are showing that fraud was prevalent in those states, which could have changed the outcome of the election in Trump’s favor. Stay tuned.

The expression that elections have consequences, really comes to mind after nine months of the Biden Administration being in charge of the country. The once proclaimed “moderate” politician, Biden, has turned out to be an out and out radical, who seems to be manipulated by a cabal of Marxist/Socialists within his own party. Imagine a candidate for president like Biden, who campaigned mostly from his home basement bunker, who supposedly garnered over 80 million votes, who has taken a 180° turn in his political philosophy? It is an obvious fact to all unbiased observers, that he has had an obvious cognitive problem in addition to the radical policies he has put forth.

Whether a person disliked Donald Trump personally, a discerning person has to admit that his policies were beneficial to the country. The combination of the world-wide pandemic, which originated from China, and the voting procedure manipulation by the Democrats prior to the 2020 election, did in the re-election of Donald Trump. I’m sure that what has transpired during Biden’s nine months since his inauguration, many of the voters, who had voted for him, now have buyers remorse, as the polls seem to show his decline in popularity.

Leading up to the election of 2020, I used the analogy of why voters should vote for Trump over Biden. I proposed the question of suppose you had a serious medical problem and you needed a surgical procedure to correct that problem. If you had a choice between two surgeons, one who was young, personable, with a great bedside manner, but who had minimal experience in that particular procedure, or the surgeon who was older, had a gruff manner, and had a less than charming bedside manner, but who had a wealth of knowledge and success dealing with that medical problem?  Which surgeon would or should you choose? Common sense says the 2nd choice would be the wise move The same with Trump. He was gruff, he spoke his mind, sometimes indelicately, and he posted too many Tweets that rubbed many people the wrong way. The same analogy could be used in determining who to vote for as president. It seems Trump’s style, personality, and Tweets failed to generate enough votes to get re-elected.

So, now we are saddled with a president who seems to be an advocate of “Murphy’s Law” (what could go wrong will go wrong) all because of personal considerations. We are now suffering the consequences of  that decision by the 80 million who supposedly voted for Biden.

The off-year election of 2022 should be the start of getting our nation back on the right track by rectifying the disastrous outcome of the 2020 election, and leading up to the presidential election of 2024. We must throw the rascals out and vote in people who will make America great again, so we don’t become another Cuba or Venezuela.

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