Video Of Daunte Wright Playing With Gun Surfaces from Police; Cops Identified Wright As “Documented” Gang Member

Video Of Daunte Wright Playing With Gun
A video has surfaced showing Daunte Wright, who police say was a “documented gang member, playing with a gun. Wright was fatally shot during an April 2021 traffic stop by Officer Kim Potter, a 26-year police veteran, who now faces several charges including manslaughter.

HENNEPIN COUNTY, MN – A video self-recorded in December 2019 by Daunte Wright – a black man who was fatally shot during an April 2021 traffic stop when an officer mistook her forearm for her taser – has surfaced that features the 20 year-old playing with a gun in a bathroom; a gun that he would soon afterward allegedly use to rob a woman who had allowed him and a friend to crash in her apartment for the evening.

In the video, exclusively obtained by Fox News, Wright is seen taking a ‘selfie’ video in the bathroom while water can be heard running; Wright takes turns pointing the pistol at the camera and then at his own head.

Wright would soon afterwards allegedly point the gun at the woman while choking her and demanding the $820 in rent money that he believed she had, reports say. Wright would later be charged with aggravated robbery, along with an 18 year-old acquaintance. However, Wright would later be accused of violating the terms of his release, which led to the court issuing an arrest warrant for him.

It was this arrest warrant that caused the Brooklyn Center Police Officers who pulled over his car for a traffic violation on April 11 of this year to attempt to take him into custody; Wright was seen on police bodycam footage resisting and attempting to get back into his car to flee the scene.

At that time, Officer Kim Potter – a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center PD – is heard during the struggle saying “I’ll taze you, I’ll taze you” but the bodycam footage shows her drawing her firearm instead and firing a single fatal round into Wright, which she would later claim she did accidently.

Potter resigned from the force following the incident, but was fired instead and soon afterwards charged with second-degree manslaughter. However, last week, the Minnesota Attorney General added a first-degree manslaughter charge against Potter as well.

The 13-second video clip of Wright playing with a pistol was obtained by police from his cell phone, according to reports; in addition, a supplemental police report identified Wright as a “documented LOUD PACK gang member” and has been accused in posthumously-filed civil suits of shooting and seriously wounding two individuals on separate occasions, including a 16 year-old boy and a former classmate.

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