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Op-Ed: Barbaric, Unhinged Behavior Against Conservatives Not Limited Towards Politicians

Barbaric, Unhinged Behavior Against Conservatives Not Limited Towards Politicians
Larry Elder and his entourage were attacked by white liberals throwing eggs, one of which was wearing a monkey mask. @KateCagle,@JackPosobiec, Twitter.

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Today, Larry Elder, the frontrunning candidate for the California recall election was attacked by a woman with a gorilla costume in Venice, throwing multiple eggs (but missing). Eventually, she gets up in the face of one of the members of Larry’s entourage and exhibits crazy, aggressive behavior, slapping down the elderly man. Verbal assaults were thrown out, calling Larry a “piece of sh**”.

This is the face and standard behavior of today’s left and sadly, this conduct is not isolated. From the burning and looting of cities last year in the name of black lives mattering to the unhinged rants of people from academia and the far left when they are encountered with opinions or people from the right, it’s clear that the left is so much crazier and destructive than anything I see from the other side these days. When they made a huge deal about January 6th, I found it so richly hypocritical in light of the countless instances of violence from the left, and on a consistent basis, and often covered up by the media. 

One of the greatest examples that has been heavy on my heart for now is a friend of mine, Tony Moon. The media vilified him recently as Daily Mail used old footage from a prior incident, the one time he legitimately defended himself. Similar to the crazy gorilla woman today, an unhinged woman on the left came after the usually mild-mannered Tony, ready to attack him, at a rally of protestors and counter-protestors regarding the transgender incident at Wi Spa. This was a rally I was asked to speak at but I ultimately refused to attend. Tony did attend, and while I may not necessarily agree with his decision, I support his right to protest on causes he cares about and to be safe from physical attacks.

Instead, this crazy woman came after him and in his defense, he used his water bottle to defend himself. The Daily Mail footage tried to pass the footage off as a separate incident to try to tie him to a subsequent incident after they found out his name.  This all sets a terrible precedent and shows the media is willing to mislead, to up the sensationalism factor. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. 

But let’s go back to the attack.  Women cannot act like they did with Larry or Tony, and think that there is no consequence. I believe in true equality so if women want to act like this, or dress up with gorilla heads and throw eggs, don’t expect men, especially elderly men, to suddenly not defend themselves. True equality is equal consequences. We teach our children not to act like barbarians. There should be consequences. Clearly, some adults need a lesson.

What happened to Tony went a step further. His Prius was vandalized in the middle of the night in San Gabriel, on his driveway, with lighter fluid left behind, indicating they were hoping to take this one step further. After the Daily Mail article and the media piling on, he became a target by the local Antifa organization and his car was vandalized and they were ready to set fire to it outside his house if he and his family hadn’t woken up at 3 AM to see what was happening.

Tony says, “I never thought that I would live in a time that I read about in history books, where the basic right to express your opinion would be violently opposed, especially as a minority. This experience has taught my children that the right to speak our mind must be defended and preserved. It’s given our family resolve to stand against this type of intimidation and has made us more determined to speak our minds and to exercise our First Amendment as Asian Americans in this country.”

While I may not agree with everything Tony does, or his political stances even, or the rallies he chooses to attend, no one deserves this kind of treatment just for showing up. Especially from those who consider themselves to be “anti fascist”. Let’s look at behaviors and see who is truly “fascist”. It is overwhelmingly coming from a side that is so intolerant they get enraged and violent. I miss the days when being liberal meant being open-minded and this level of rage would never get so out of control where physical violence would occur.  

For both sides, but especially on the left, can we not be so obsessive about our political beliefs like it’s some kind of cult, and simply learn the art of agreeing to disagree? If your beliefs are so correct, why does someone else being wrong upset you so much, to the point of physical violence?  Women should not get a pass for their violence either. The gorilla woman has no right to invade the space of an elderly man, just because she cannot stand his political beliefs.  Especially political beliefs from a side that currently has zero power in state and federal government. This is not America. We are better than this.

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