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Op-Ed: Forbes Has Joined The Fake News Brigade


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – For those who missed it, Forbes magazine, once owned and managed by the swashbuckling Malcolm S. Forbes Sr., who was an ardent capitalist as well as the Republican candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 1957. His namesake and son, Malcom S. Forbes Jr., known as “Steve” matched his father’s devotion to capitalism and effectively championed the Kemp, Reagan, and Trump tax cuts.

Unfortunately, the new owners of Forbes have a different political point of view. As Isaac Stone Fish (who is not related to me and may or may not be related to the line of Hamilton Fishs that served in Congress) wrote in the Washington Post,

“Since that purchase, there have been several instances of editorial meddling on stories involving China that raise questions about Forbes magazine’s commitment to editorial independence.”

Last week, Zach Everson reporting for Forbes mocked me when they noted that I was among those speakers pardoned by President Trump, who will be featured at AMPFest 2021 at Trump Doral, the President’s iconic Golf Club and Hotel, traditionally the largest and most influential political gathering in the America First Movement. 

Don’t be fooled by the Forbes magazine masthead. Once a fountain of conservative-leaning opinion, the Forbes magazine of today is among the worst purveyors of fake news and elitist narrative. Nothing at Forbes approaches legitimate journalism. Zach is a perfect example of this false narrative peddling. 

Both Zach and his colleagues at Forbes magazine now endlessly parrot the discredited line of the Democrat/media/tech-narrative that Trump colluded with the “Russians” to win the 2016 race for The White House was real. They also pushed the fiction that I had been an intermediary between WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and the Trump campaign. 

Forbes was among the media outlets who celebrated when I was convicted in a breathtaking Soviet-style show-trial. Complete with a Trump-hating biased Judge, a corrupt Jury Forewoman (who attacked me by name on Facebook and Twitter), a painstakingly rigged Jury that included no Republicans, Independents, Trump supporters, military veterans, Roman Catholics, or African-American males – the Jury was united about one thing, – they all hated Donald Trump. Zach Everson of Forbes, of course, would mention none of this.

President Trump was able to clearly see that the charges against me were politically motivated and that I did not receive anything approaching a fair trial. Therefore he granted me clemency in an act of both mercy and justice after the Court upheld the order for me to report to a Covid-19 infested prison in Georgia — effectively a death sentence. 

That I escaped the deadly snare so carefully set for me by Robert Mueller and Congressman Adam Schiff, drives the American left into a frenzy. The outright bloodlust with which some have tried to falsely connect me to the illegal events of January 6th is as sweeping as it is bogus. I note a Reuters report attributed to a senior FBI official, who confirmed that the FBI had found no evidence that Alex Jones or I was involved in any conspiracy regarding January 6th.

Zach Everson reporting for Forbes uses the most common technique utilized by the fake news media – that is; omission of key facts to shape a narrative. Here is the biggest omission of all. On November 3rd, 2020, at the stroke of midnight, the U.S. Department of Justice, by Court order, released the last redacted section of Robert Mueller’s long-hidden final report regarding Roger Stone. Even Mueller cannot sugarcoat his stark admission that with sweeping legal authority and unlimited budget and manpower, he could find “no factual evidence” to support the claim that I had been involved in “Russian collusion,” had collaborated with WikiLeaks or had any knowledge or participation in the fishing and publication of John Podesta’s e-mails. I was innocent on all counts.

Why would the DOJ put out a press release at midnight of the busiest news day of the year – the presidential election day – unless they wanted their release to be buried.

BuzzFeed, of all outlets, reported that I was “vindicated.” Other than the Washington Examiner, no major news organization who had insisted for two years that I was a traitor who had trafficked in stolen e-mails received from “the Russians” and sent to the Trump campaign, reported this startling admission. The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, The Wallstreet Journal, the Associated Press, Atlantic, Salon, and the rest of the fake news chorus reported… nothing.

Zach Everson at Forbes will not tell you that the D.C Prosecutors and the Judge herself withheld this information from my defense attorneys at trial. Given that I was charged with “lying to Congress” regarding these exact same matters, Mueller’s admission illustrates why any misstatement I made before Congress was immaterial and proving that I had no motive to lie. This would have completely undercut the contrived “lying to Congress” house of mirrors, so carefully constructed in my criminal indictment by Mueller’s Deputy, Andrew Weissmann.

Nor will Zach tell you that Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein lied under oath to Congress when he insisted that he had not authorized the investigation into me several weeks after Robert Mueller concluded that there was no Russian collusion. The memo authorizing the investigation into my affairs was signed by Rod Rosenstein. Why is Rosenstein facing no prosecution for lying to Congress? 

Zach Everson and Forbes will also fail to tell you that Mueller’s prosecutors told a Federal Judge that they had probable cause to charge me with “treason, conspiracy against the United States, unauthorized access to a protected computer, international money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, aiding and abetting a felony, and being an accessory to a felony after the fact.” Mueller’s thugs used this claim to get access to all of my devices, as well as searching my home and offices. Forbes also fails to report that they found no evidence whatsoever to support their sensational claims which justified the search.

Zach Everson and Forbes also forget to mention the 30+ pages of exculpatory e-mails my attorneys supplied to the Special Counsel’s Office. They prove categorically that lefty nutjob Randy Credico was indeed the source of what little I knew regarding the timing of the WikiLeaks disclosures. Forbes would not report on the multiple exculpatory witnesses who told the Grand Jury that Credico had told them firsthand that he was indeed the source of this information. Fobes particularly won’t mention Credico’s threat to at least one Grand Jury witness that he would “put a hole in his head” if the witness contradicted Credico before the Grand Jury. Remember I was charged with “witness tampering” because I allegedly threatened to steal Credico’s dog, but Forbes won’t tell you that Credico threatened another witness in my case but was not charged with witness tampering.

One other thing Zach Everson and Forbes left out of their snotty little item was that Steve Bannon, who was Robert Mueller’s chief surprise witness against me, also testified under oath for the House Intelligence Committee and that that testimony completely contradicts his sworn testimony on the stand at my trial.

As George Washington University law professor, Jonathan Turley told the NY Post,

“There does appear a glaring and irreconcilable conflict in what Bannon stated in testimony before Congress and the court. What is striking is that this was not a peripheral point but one of the main areas of inquiry. He has two diametrically opposite sworn statements in a high-profile controversy with dozens of attorneys in attendance.”

Forbes will also fail to mention that the prosecutors in my case had an obligation to tell me, and my lawyers, that Bannon was under federal investigation at the time at which he testified at my trial. The indictment subsequently announced against Bannon proved definitively that Bannon was under investigation when he appeared as a witness at my trial. How could Zach Everson of Forbes have missed this?

Forbes was among those fake news media outlets who bought, hook, line, and sinker, the completely fabricated claim that Attorney General Bill Barr and his top aides interfered in my sentencing and pressured D.C. Prosecutors to “go easy” on me because I was a friend of the President. In fact, current Biden Justice Department official Aaron Zelinsky said that he was pressured by senior officials at DOJ regarding my sentence under oath in testimony for the House Judiciary Committee. The Washington Post, however, has reported that the three top nonpolitical career-prosecutors at DOJ have all denied to the DOJ’s Inspector General having any conversations or communications with my prosecutors other than to observe that the seven to nine-year sentence cooked up by the politically motivated prosecutors in my case sought to give me added prison time for crimes I had neither been charged with nor convicted of. When will Mr. Zelinsky face prosecution for lying under oath to Congress? Don’t expect Zach Everson, or anyone at Forbes, to mention it.

In the meantime, AMPFest 2021 is going to rock and you’re not going to want to miss it. Tickets will sell out so I recommend you order yours now.

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