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Op-Ed: Is Everything That is a Negative Happening in the World Because of Climate Change?

Do leftist Democrats really think that Hurricane Ida was caused by man-made climate change? File photo:, licensed.

Have you noticed the the Democrat left has pivoted away from praising a non-praising event like the disastrous Afghan withdrawal, so they now have jumped on the the destruction that Hurricane Ida has caused, and have used their bogeyman “Climate Change” as the major threat facing us? In their biased eyes if it’s too cold in winter, it’s climate change; if it’s too hot in summer, it’s climate change; if it’s a hurricane, it’s climate change; and if we have forest fires, it’s climate change. To them it’s a one-size fits all – any negative happening in the world, it’s caused by climate change.

Let’s take the latest hysteria emanating from the Democrat left – Hurricane Ida was caused by the Republicans because they generally are against the liberals cry of eminent disaster because of climate change. Do these leftist Democrats (which includes most of the party with only few exceptions) really think that Hurricane Ida was caused by man-made climate change? Let’s look at the number of hurricanes from the year 1851 to the recent present.

  • Fact # 1 –  between 1851 to 1860 – we had 19 hurricanes, 6 were major hurricanes (category 3 and 4).
  • Fact # 2 – between 1991 to 2004 – we had 14 hurricanes, 5 were major hurricanes. (similar figures up till today)

Conclusion: If carbon dioxide causes global warming (a/k/a climate change) because of humans using fossil fuels and riding around in gas-guzzling SUV’s, that supposedly caused a change in the climate by the use of those “evil items”, then what was the cause of those hurricanes between 1851 and 1860? Would the answer be almost zero, as very little of fossil fuels were used and there were no SUV’s?

But, according to the Democrats, any kind of catastrophe should not go to waste as a political tool to advance their agenda. And so it is with Hurricane Ida. Imagine using the plight of the thousands of victims of Hurricane Ida for the purpose of partisan political gain? Shame on the part of the leftist Democrats for their outrageous behavior, but it is par for the course.

Does any right thinking person (no pun intended) really think we humans can control or change Mother Nature? Will we, by using renewable energy, driving electric vehicles, and becoming vegetarians etc., really have an effect on the climate and Mother Nature? If yes, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

Joe Biden, and his leftist ideologues, who are pulling his strings as a presidential puppet, like Bernie Sanders (an avowed socialist), the Squad, and those two phony legislative leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Are they really looking out for you or are they really just looking to gain political power for themselves and the hell with the rest of us? Everything they seem to do is looked upon from a political standpoint not for the good of the country as a whole.  Their socialist oriented proposals, which haven’t worked anywhere else in the world, are being shoved down out throats because they have control of the legislative and executive branches of government.  They are rushing their agenda and proposals as they fear that their hold of the legislative branch will be ended in the off-year election of 2022. That’s the reason for the speed up for passage of their monstrous leftist spending bills now being pushed by the Democrats and Joe Biden.

With the disastrous pullout of Afghanistan by Biden and the Democrats, and the resulting backlash on the part of the citizenry, they are using Hurricane Ida as a diversionary tactic to try to take the public’s minds off the Afghan mess.  Climate change is being used as the means of doing that. Let’s hope that the people don’t fall for the leftist Democrats “snake oil”, and in 2022 use their vote to throw the rascals out and bring some sanity back into our great country.

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