Tom Hanks’ Son Puts Out Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax Video, Calls COVID-19 “The Flu” Get Over It… “You Ain’t Stickin’ Me With That Needle”

Tom Hanks’ Son Chet is an actor and musician, and has had recurring roles on such shows as Empire and Shameless; in addition, he has also released his own rap music, including the song “White Boy Summer.”

CONCORD, CA – Chet Hanks, the 31 year-old son of Holywood A-listers Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, recently released a video on Instagram where he raged against mask-wearing mandates and COVID-19 vaccines, facetiously referring to the dangerous virus as “the flu” despite the fact that both of his parents were previously hospitalized by it in March 2020.

Chet is an actor and musician, and has had recurring roles on such shows as Empire and Shameless; in addition, he has also released his own rap music, including the song “White Boy Summer.”

The video clip, which Chet recorded in his car, starts out with him speaking in a somber tone of voice about the importance of being vaccinated due to the COIVD-19 pandemic.

Look, I’ve been kind of on the fence about this for a while, that’s why I never spoke on it,” he said. “But with the amount of people I know recently that have gotten COVID, and with the numbers rising, I think it’s important for me to say I got the vaccine…I think everybody should.”


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“I think it’s really important that we all do this just as citizens, as Americans,” Chet continued. “We have to look out for each other and get this s**t under control, guys. So I suggest to all my followers, you guys set an appointment and get the vaccine first thing…”

However, Chet suddenly yells “PSYCH” and breaks character – becoming vulgar and much louder – revealing that his entire pro-vaccine preamble was all just a ruse.

“B**ch! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I never had COVID. You ain’t sticking me with that motherfu**ing needle. It’s the motherfu**ing flu! Get over it, OK?” he yelled. “If you’re sick, stay inside. I’m tired. Why are we working around y’all? If you’re in danger, stay your ass inside. I’m tired of wearing a motherfu**ing mask.”

In contrast, during a July 2020 appearance on The Late Show, Chet’s father, Tom, talked about the experience he and his wife had after having been diagnosed with the virus, stating that it made his bones “feel like soda cracker.” The Saving Private Ryan star also confirmed that he is a steadfast advocate for measures to help reduce the spread of COVID, including mask-wearing.

“I don’t get it. It’s literally the least you can do,” he said about masks to host Stephen Colbert. “The least you can do is wear a cloth or a thing, I mean, I’m wearing bandanas, double layer. Mask and wash your hands and try to stay six feet away from a person.”

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