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Op-Ed: To Our Enemies, Biden is The Gift That Keeps on Giving

During his address on Thursday, body language expert Judi James said President Joe Biden appeared to “crumble” under the pressure even though he tried to act defiantly. Statement credited to the U.S. Sun.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – After seven plus months in office, the Biden Administration is proving what Donald Trump and the Republicans said would happen, during the run up to the election, if the voters voted for Biden. From the deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan, to the crisis at our southern border, to the up tick in inflation, and the misinformation given out by the feckless politicians surrounding Biden, it seems that to our enemies, Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.

During the campaign, Biden continually proclaimed that he was going to be a bi-partisan president who was going to bring back sanity in our country.  What happened to his rhetoric once he was sworn in? Well, he has done just the opposite. No give and take, only one partisan proposal after another, without any meaningful input by the Republicans being considered.

Biden and the Democrats have proposed to spend money we don’t have to try to entice voters to vote for them in the future. Over $6 trillion of mostly partisan “pork” and a radical liberal progressive “wish list”, are being pushed by Biden and his lackey’s in the Congress. You wonder where the common sense and loyalty to country is in Biden’s Administration? All indications point to a serious mental decline. His handlers, Susan Rice and Ron Klain, are the one’s that are really running the show at the White House. They print the words that Biden reads off the teleprompter, and they restrict most chances for him to interchange with the press (even a fawning press corps) after each one of his talks.

Remember a few years ago, Robert Gates, the former Defense Secretary under the Obama/Biden administration, once stated that “Biden has been wrong on mostly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades”. Recently, when asked if he still felt that way, he said; “I stand by that statement”. From the dire situation that Biden caused by his ill thought out pre-emptive pull out of our military, before all our citizens and Afghan aides were removed to prevent a blood bath by the Taliban once they took over, Biden has once again proved the assessment of Gates’ statement was spot on.

In addition, look what is happening at our Southern border as hordes of illegal aliens have been poring across our border, while Biden and his team have turned a blind eye as to the havoc this out-of-control situation has caused along border towns and cities as illegals are being sent without local input or permission. He doesn’t seem to see the ramifications of his laissez-faire policy that has caused what his ill-advised policy is doing to our country. All he had to do to keep order was to leave Trump’s policy intact. But no, hatred of Trump trumped common sense.

One has to wonder how much chaos will the American people put up with as a mentally deficient president is running the show? Will they try to get rid of him knowing that elevating an even worse inept politician, Vice-President Harris, to the presidency might even be worse than Biden. It is a “Hopsons Choice”. Yes, to our enemies, Biden is a gift that keeps on giving much to our chagrin, that’s why the off-year election of 2022 is so important to put in a roadblock in trying to control the insane policies of Biden and his administration.

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