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Op-Ed: Black Conservative Lives Matter Too; Blatantly Racist Attacks Against Larry Elder Boomerangs On Those Peddling Division

Black Conservative Lives Matter Too: Blatantly Racist Attacks Against Larry Elder Boomerangs On Those Peddling Division
California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. Photo credit: Larry Elder / Twitter @larryelder

LOS ANGELES, CA – On August 19, 2021, Politico published their sensational hit piece on frontrunner recall candidate, Larry Elder, wherein ex-girlfriend, Alexandra Datig said she “broke off an 18-month engagement with the conservative talk show host in 2015 after he waved a gun at her while high on marijuana.”  The story was picked up by every major California news outlet prompting Elder’s response of “I have never brandished a gun at anyone. I grew up in South Central; I know exactly how destructive this type of behavior is. It’s not me, and everyone who knows me knows it’s not me. These are salacious allegations. People do not get into public life precisely because of this type of politics of personal destruction. I am not going to dignify this with a response – it’s beneath me..”

Omar Williams, a black resident of San Bernardino, says “I find it interesting that Larry Elder’s ex fiancé (Alexandra Datig) waited 5 years to bring up this alleged incident accusing him of waving a gun at her. This is blatant racism, an indirect insult on those who were victims of legitimate domestic violence. If Datig’s claims are true, was this reported to law enforcement? Why are we just now finding out about this incident? After all Larry Elder is a big name celebrity.”

It is painfully ironic that on the one hand Democrats befriends Black Lives Matters, and attacks any person who dares to accuse a black person of any wrongdoing in the context of their interactions with the police or their own community. Yet on the other hand Democrats see no problem hurling attacks against a black man for an incident that occurred six years ago by a disgruntled ex-lover. The hypocrisy knows no boundaries and it is obvious that they will do or say whatever as long as it scores political points and tarnishes the name of their opposition. 

Los Angeles has a troubled history of race relations and the consequences of falsely accusing minorities. Elder lived through the Rodney King riots, he lived through the LAPD’s Ramparts scandal. As he put it, “I grew up in South Central; I know exactly how destructive this type of behavior is.” Democrats have dealt themselves the race card from the bottom of the deck at every opportunity but their latest desperate attack on Elder exposes a more sinister form of racism. 

It appears that Democrats are simply stating here is a black man from South Central, so he obviously smokes marijuana and brandishes his gun on his lover. Indeed, it is this type of guilty by association that permitted the LAPD to plant evidence and falsely accuse minorities in South Central Los Angeles during their Rampart scandal which spanned years and eventually resulted in 156 felony convictions being overturned and/or dismissed. Democrats excel at the racism of low expectations and now want to use the stereotype of a black man from South Central as a political weapon. 

The day after Politico’s hit piece, the LA Times ran their Op-Ed which stated that Elder is the black face of white supremacy. It is attacks like these that scare most candidates from political life. Thankfully for all Californians they have a candidate with an impeccable record, someone who does not dignify California Democrat’s overt racism with a response. Until September 14th we can expect Democrats to become more desperate especially since they can no longer bank of Kamala Harris to save Gavin’s political ambitions. Those who support Elder should expose the racist hypocrisy of the left and inform those who wish to discuss Alexandra Datig that this accusation is premised on the prejudice of a black man from South Central. Let’s face it: no person who dines at the French Laundry would be subjected to these very racist attacks. 

Thankfully, the general public seems to be seeing through this hypocrisy, a big reason why Proposition 16, race based preferences, last year quietly failed at the ballot box. We should not be afraid to be more vocal and call out hypocrisy when it’s so blatant and the fact that it falls along political lines. Black conservative lives matter too.

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