ABC News Allegedly Cuts Segments of Biden Interview Where the President Struggled; Even CNN Talking Heads Criticize Contradicting Statements

Biden says he did not see a way to withdraw from Afghanistan
“The idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing — I don’t know how that happens,” President Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulos on the U.S.‘s exit from Afghanistan. Photo credit:

NEW YORK, NY – “Good Morning America,” the popular ABC News’ program, recently conducted an exclusive interview with President Joe Biden on Afghanistan troop withdrawal crisis, and it has been uncovered that approximately 1,000 words were cut; some presumably for time constraints or redundancy, but others due to the fact that the POTUS appeared to be struggling at points.

Coming while the White House is in the midst of now two crisis, one at the border, and one in Afghanistan reportedly leaving up to 80,000 Americans and U.S.-employed Afghans stranded in the country as the Taliban reassumes control. Meanwhile, the president has spent the majority of the time vacationing in Delaware, only to return under mounting pressure.

Interestingly, even CNN criticized the interview while taking statements Biden made and explaining how they contradict statements he made in the past, some of which were made in his recent town hall in July 2021, just last month.

A full transcript of host George Stephanopoulos’ interview with Biden has been released, and it shows that a significant amount of the president’s remarks on topics related to Afghanistan were not included in the final interview that aired on Wednesday. Many of the cut segments, as reported by The Daily Wire, appear to reflect instances where the president appeared to be struggling with his comments.

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To review the highlighted (bolded) redactions from the interview, check out the emphasis added transcript by The Daily Wire.

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