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Op-Ed: What’s Good for Me is Not Good For Thee

The whole point of what took place at Martha's Vineyard, is that the Democrats are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to taking care of themselves and the hell with everyone else. 
The whole point of what took place at Martha’s Vineyard, is that the Democrats are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to taking care of themselves and the hell with everyone else. File photo: John Gress Media Inc,, licensed.

MASSACHUSETTS – That should’ve been the slogan for Obama’s 60th birthday party on “tony” Martha’s Vineyard. Imagine after weeks of the Democrats proclaiming that we all should be wearing masks and to avoid large gatherings, the Obama’s invited 500 guests, since scaled back, due to public pressure, to a measly 400 (ha,ha!).  One of the disinvited guests was none other than the ”Wicked Witch of the West”, Nancy Pelosi, who just happened to be in Martha’s Vineyard, and who wasn’t exactly delighted with the “diss”. As to the birthday bash itself, it seems very few, if any, wore masks at the party. I wonder why the Democrats “Golden Boy”, Tony Fauci, hasn’t condemned this potential “super spreader” event, when he condemned the big biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Would you call that “selective outrage”? Is the Pope Catholic?

The whole point of what took place at Martha’s Vineyard, is that the Democrats are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to taking care of themselves and the hell with everyone else. The self-proclaimed “virtuous party” of the elites like to preach and mandate rules of life that are meant for the “great unwashed” – referring to the Republicans and Trump supporters. The Democrats have proclaimed that it is the Republicans who are leading the resistance of not getting the COVID vaccine, but upon further examination, it is the Black community and the Hispanic community who have been the chief “culprits”, not the Republicans. The last time I looked, most of the Blacks and Hispanics were Democrats not Republicans. More “fake news”. Inevitably, as the Democrats pontificate, the name of Donald Trump pops up as a big violator, even though he has advised people to get the vaccine. You could say the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is alive and well and living in the heads of Democrats and the “fake news” media 24/7.


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Presently, we have the situation of the Democrats proposing to pass legislation that is supposed to correct our crumbling infrastructure problems by passing an estimated $1.3 trillion bill that has more “pork” in it than has the whole State of Iowa has for sale. As usual, the Democrats have bulldozed a number of naive, pliant Republicans into supporting this spending monstrosity.  It is estimated that less than one-half of this “infrastructure” bill actually contains money for what is normally called infrastructure namely, roads, bridges, airports and buildings and other structural items that are in need of upgrade and repair. This is only the preliminary spending plan pushed by the far-left loons who control the Democrat Party. In the works, is another $3.1 trillion “pork laden” bill (called Human Infrastructure) that might just be the “straw that breaks the camels back”. If that boondoggle passes, we’ll be in debt for over $30 trillion (inflated dollars). When will this idiocy end?

The Democrats think that by spending money, we don’t have, it will generate votes for them as jobs will be created with all the money being spent on infrastructure repairs and the other non-infrastructure items. It’s another case of “What’s Good for Me and Not Good For Thee”. Let’s hope that in 2022 the voters will come to their senses and throw the profligate spending rascals out and bring back some semblance of common sense to our government.

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