Growing Calls Among GOP to Impeach Biden over Border Crisis, Eviction Moratorium

Experts say, any talks to begin impeachment proceedings against Biden are certain to go nowhere, as Republicans currently hold a minority in the House of Representatives. File photo: Nuno21,, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – There are growing calls among conservative Republicans to impeach President Joe Biden, with many claiming that he has violated his oath of office and engaged in “unconstitutional behavior” for his handling of the crisis at the nation’s southern border, the most recent voice in that group being former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign legal adviser, Jenna Ellis.

However, experts say, any talks to begin impeachment proceedings against Biden are certain to go nowhere, as Republicans currently hold a minority in the House of Representatives.

The situation at the southern border is grave, with record-breaking numbers of migrants illegally passing into the United States each month – with some of them being infected with COVID-19 – since President Biden undid several of his predecessor’s immigration policies, including forcing migrants applying for asylum to await their court dates in Mexico instead of allowing them entrance to the U.S.

Ellis, in her push for Biden’s impeachment, noted that the Biden Administration is set to start inoculating migrants in the custody of the U.S. Border Patrol before they are deposited into towns adjacent to the border while awaiting their immigration court dates.

“This is something that is so disgusting and disturbing of the Biden administration that they are refusing to protect the American citizens first by closing the border,” Ellis said in a recent interview. “And you know, listen, this is something where we’ve seen that any of these surges of COVID-19 can be directly attributed to these migrants that are coming in illegally crossing the border, and now Joe Biden’s solution is to what? Just offer them a vaccination? I mean, that’s something that clearly, I think this is a violation of his oath of office.”

Ellis also noted the new, limited, and possibly illegal eviction moratorium that the Biden Administration allowed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to implement after their previous moratorium expired after the Supreme Court ruled that it could not continue without legislative action on the part of Congress, which failed to happen.

There are multiple things that Joe Biden is doing here that do, in my view, constitute impeachable offenses, and I think that if the Republicans in Congress want to take seriously,” Ellis said. “You know any of their standing in terms of the congressional mandate to review the chief executive and to not let him get away with clearly unconstitutional behavior, like the CDC moratorium that he knows is in bad faith. He knows that this flies in the face of a prior Supreme Court decision. He said that he doesn’t know if it’s legal, but he’s moving forward anyway.”

“These are things that directly violate his oath of office, I do think fall within the definition of impeachment within the U.S. Constitution, and it would be my hope, even though the GOP, of course, is in the minority right now, that they would at least start talking about this, because that’s the only way to hold a runaway authoritarian tyrant to accountability,” Ellis continued.

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