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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: Floodgates About To Burst, As God Reveals Worldwide Evil

Almighty God Versus Satan Election Finale - The Final Countdown

GREEN BAY, WI – Your patience has run out. The only thing that will catch your interest is President Donald J. Trump on the Emergency Broadcast System, guns a-blazin’.  Period.

Well, if the above describes your insides, join the crowd.  This diabolical game that has been played on We the People by the elite Global Cabal/Deep State has been going on for far too long.  It dates back to even before President Frank D. Roosevelt’s foolhardy ushering in of Communist/Socialist programs—and has now resulted in full-blown Marxism, at least of the American variety as described in Mark Levin’s new book American Marxism, in this once free country of ours.

We sat through all of the scheming that these people put out for decades, and are about ready to scream at the top of our lungs for JUSTICE!.  Justice and law and order, and more importantly, a return of Almighty God and His steadfast principles in all of our institutions—and the sooner, the better.  Nevertheless, we have to admit that if we do our research, things have been developing at a feverous pace on the worldwide stage, bit by bit—and so we wisely ‘keep our powder dry.’

Although we are champing at the bit for God’s righteousness to prevail, we realize that we are in a state of irregular warfare.  It doesn’t include the conventional types of armaments, but instead involves biological and cyber and information-related types of combat.  Yes, it’s as stealth as it gets.

And careful investigation reveals it all, in all of its craziness.  Yes, the world has gone utterly mad.  As it would and should when many misguided and evil souls turn to Satan as their god—when many turn to the physical realm, and to power/control, instead of to Almighty God and the spiritual and freedom.

Truly, this vile Cabal does not revere our glorious Lord of the Bible.  And they are doing everything that they can to get rid of him, to blank Him out in every way, shape, and form.  They innately know that they must, in order to pursue their agenda of dominating and controlling We the People—in order to continue to frantically chase their lifestyle of sin in all of its dreadful debauchery.

But it won’t work.

God rules above all.  Always has, and always will.  And although He has given over Earth’s keys to Lucifer after the great fall in the Garden of Eve, He ultimately still reigns supreme.  And nefarious treachery will only be permitted to go on as it has until God decides otherwise—and not one moment beyond that!

And that time of righteous judgment looks to be approaching at a furious and breakneck pace for those of us who have been paying attention to Trump’s inner circle, including Trump aide Dan Scavino and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as they continue to put forth messages that point to a massive effort by Trump and his mighty Military to bring down the evil Cabal—both in America and worldwide.

Now, let’s examine the latest goings-on in this realm, as proof of an about-face on the horizon—a 180-degree turn in world events to come, and a turn for the better for all who Believe on Christ, that He is the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again.

Now, one thing that has been very noticeable has been the huge number of indictments for human and child trafficking cases.  Also of note has been the vast numbers of CEOs stepping down from the larger companies.  Yes, they are giving their ‘excuses’ on why they are stepping down, but their explanations ring hollow.  As well, there were multiple Democratic politicians who have resigned as a result of child sex scandals.  Of course, these disgraces are largely ignored by the corrupt media.

Additionally, there have been many governments in disarray, with leaders stepping down—which is something we would expect to see if there is indeed a worldwide takedown of these Cabal criminals taking place.

As well, we see Biden stumbling and bumbling more and more every day.  Even Dr. Ronny Jackson, Obama’s former White House physician, said that he believes that President Biden will resign due to his limited cognitive abilities.

The Covid situation has dimmed to the point that even far-left Obama planned a 700-guest birthday celebration for himself.  After criticism, however, he has since stated that he will cut down his guest list—but the fact remains that even he realizes that herd immunity has been reached in terms of  this pandemic era.

This means that the Cabal is scrambling for yet another ‘crisis’ to exploit—to use in an effort to lock up We the People once again, and to rule us from their security-backed ivory towers.  What false flag, or flags, will they manufacture next?

Biden and Company certainly are doing everything in their power to bring down America’s sole superpower status on the world stage.  On the economic front, inflation has hit an all-time high, and the United States is no longer energy independent.  And then there’s their ‘brilliant’ open border policy, where reports in one sector of Texas have cited a staggering 900 percent increase in arrests of illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds.

Indeed, there is no good news anywhere with this false President, one who purports to represent this Country, but who many realize did not win fair and square—which brings us to the very reason for the ongoing forensic election audits.

Right now, the Deep State is panicking and preparing for the fallout of the full forensic audit in Arizona.  And many other states are voicing their intentions to conduct their own forensic audits.  Plenty of info has already leaked on the Arizona and Georgia audits—including video displaying how the election systems were connected to the Internet, and how Dominion voting systems had access.

Also of profound interest, although Arizona was able to wipe the info on their connection to the Internet, Georgia was not.  Thus, Georgia will soon yield some very interesting data.  Now, if Arizona or Georgia should flip for Trump, it would be on to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania—all of whom have expressed an intent to perform forensic audits.  Other states have, as well.  And as Dan Scavino once so very wisely told us:  “One falls, they all fall!”

Yes, it’s looking like we Patriots were right about the stolen election.  This definitely is being proven more and more every day.  And don’t forget that the Constitution does provide for a way out of this election fraud.  So, it’s just a matter of our being a bit more patient….

Nevertheless, at this point in time, when our endurance seems to be running thin, it may be a good idea if we mentally check off all of the other things that we were right about…things that have come out into the open…things that were once called a ‘conspiracy theory’ by the left.  Those items include the fact that:

  • We were right about Epstein Island, and more and more will be coming out in Ghislaine Maxwell’s testimony on that sordid story.
  • We were right about the ineffectiveness of masks for Covid, as well as the massively-inflated death tolls on Covid.
  • We were right about the rigged PCR tests for Covid, and the nursing home scandal—the latter of which is part of what’s leading to the downfall of the once-idolized Andrew Cuomo.
  • We were right about the origins of Covid, and also the disgraced Fauci/NIH/China—and their ties to the gain of function research that lead to Covid.
  • We were right to be skeptical about the Covid shots, as well as the lockdowns and loss of freedom.  Not to mention those who had the shot and ended up getting infected again.
  • We were right about attempted vaccine passports.
  • We were right about the false flag on January 6th at the Capitol, where Pelosi and the far left sold a false insurrection to the public.
  • We were right about an attempted Marxist/Communist takeover, including the fact that the BLM Founders are Marxists.
  • We were right about the ‘Great Reset,’ which the Group of Seven (G7) world leaders and also business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos all openly talk about at this point.  We also read where Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, stated “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”  Chilling words indeed.
  • We were right about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among other social media outlets, censoring anyone and anything that goes against the evil Cabal’s agenda for their Great Reset—and by the way, the ‘Great Reset’ is simply the revised phrase for George H. W. Bush’s ‘New World Order’ years ago.  This media censorship is now off the charts, most would agree.

Certainly, the list could go on and on.  And these occurrences look to be converging with other major developments in the upcoming days, making for a situation that looks like ‘The Perfect Storm,’ in terms of an imminent takedown of the Global Cabal/Deep State.  It may be wise to keep an eye on some of these new developments within the next few weeks, including, for starters, the Julian Assange court date concerning his possible release, which is scheduled for August 11th.  Assange is, of course, a veritable collection of knowledge as relates to the Cabal, including much of the Clinton shenanigans.

We also see that My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has stated that he has unconditional proof that the November 3rd election was stolen, and that he will be holding a symposium to give this thought-provoking information to the public on August 10th through August 12th.  Also, the Arizona forensic audit’s comprehensive and final report to the public is scheduled for release around mid-August.  These could well represent two very explosive events, without a doubt.

Moreover, FEMA, in coordination with the FCC, will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts on August 11th.  Alerts will be sent to all radios and televisions.  The Wireless Emergency Alert portion of the test will be directed to consumer cell phones where the subscriber has opted-in to receive test messages.

Unquestionably, speculation abounds on what all will be involved with this test—perhaps a revelation of all of the Cabal corruption that has been revealed of late, only on a much deeper level?  There has also been talk on the possibility of Durham’s report on the far left’s Trump/Russia investigation being released very soon, so we will stay tuned in that regard, as well.

Now, we know that certain high-ranking people who are held in high respect, such as General Michael Flynn, General Thomas McInerney, Mike Lindell, Attorney Lin Wood, and Attorney Sydney Powell—all have expressed their belief that the November election was stolen, and that proof exists of both the election fraud and of heinous crimes committed by the Global Cabal, including trafficking of children and a worldwide effort to rule the middle class in a Marxist/Communist-style of global government.

These same high-ranking white hats have stated that Trump was prepared for the election fraud, that China and other countries colluded with the Democrats to steal the election, that Trump caught them all in real-time via Space Force technology, and that Trump prepared a countermove to all of this scheming.

General Thomas McInerney also has stated that former Director of National Intelligence Clapper and former CIA Director Brennan were a part of the election debacle in November—and that there is proof that Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, and other foreign nations, including the Vatican, were in on this criminal scheme.

McInerney and these likeminded individuals also point us to the massive moves that Trump made at the Department of Defense and the Pentagon, where he placed his allies in key roles immediately prior to his leaving office—as a result of Trump allegedly knowing that the election fraud had taken place.  They also tell us to focus on Trump’s implementation at that time of what appears to be a continuance of his Presidency via certain Special Ops personnel—information on which was withheld from incoming Democrats in the administration, an action that is unprecedented, in terms of Presidential transitions.

Additionally, they remind us that since Trump knew election fraud was going to happen prior to the event, he issued his 2018 Executive Order that allows, based on Foreign Interference, for the seizing of assets of both these foreign enemies and the assets of domestic traitors.

We also recall that the National Security Agency (NSA) turned in a report that showed that this international election interference did take place, and also that it was sufficient in scale to have been able to overturn the election.  The NSA submitted this report very late, however—on the day before Trump was scheduled to leave office.  Hence, Trump’s sudden departure from the White House to allow for unraveling of all this subterfuge…to allow for a plan to retake his rightful position as Commander-In-Chief of this great nation.

Word has it that Trump currently has 800 highly-respected Generals and Military people who are loyal to him, as well as many fearless Patriots who are pushing forward with a Christian and Patriot-based revolution—a revolt that has only just begun.  Trump also has in his arsenal all of the highest-ranking intelligence, the National Security Agency, and his treasured prodigy that he calls ‘Space Force.’

And lest anyone be confused as to the Military’s stated purposed, General McInerney clarified any possible confusion for all of us.  He asserted that when he took his oath of office in the Military many decades ago, it was ‘to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’  He explained that the Founding Fathers obviously could not have had a clue on cyberwarfare, but they did know what foreign and domestic enemies were—and they would have expected this nation’s leaders to interpret that and then take the appropriate action.

Now, if the election were indeed stolen, this evidence would, as General McInterney explained, point to clear ‘high treason’ having been committed now by the Democratic Party!  He went on to state that this is the most dangerous period in America’s history, that we have indeed met the barbarians.  McInerney contended that this is far more serious than the Civil War, because we knew what the Civil War was about.  He also confirmed for us that treason is the most serious charge in our Uniform Military Code of Justice in our judicial system.

Moreover, we all know that there is so much more of which these villains, the Global Cabal/Deep State, are guilty.  One such crime includes the fact that they are using division in this country to gain ultimate control.  They are focusing on race, religion, and class to keep us divided and distracted—to stop us from seeing their criminal maneuvering for their own vile purposes.  And they also are trying to defund our Police, so as to foment colossal chaos in our neighborhoods.

But God has opened our eyes to this deceit—so much has been revealed!  And those in high places on Trump’s team have been continually giving us messages to get us through this difficult period of time, beginning with our beloved and aforementioned General McInerney, who recently posted on Telegram:  “The month of August will define our future as a nation.”  And then, he added another inspiring note:  “U.S. Military rebellion is coming.”

Mike Pompeo also had some interesting Telegram messages, beginning with a photo of Trump with some Military troops, and then Pompeo’s personally-written caption ‘Time to take this country back!  It’s obvious who the people trust, and it’s obvious who we voted for!’  Then, another of Pompeo’s posts showed a picture of Trump waving from Marine 1, with Pompeo’s caption ‘We can’t wait for the moment to come when we’ll say Donald Trump is back, and we’ll leave the short Biden era behind!’

Dan Scavino posted some interesting Telegram missives, as well, starting with “This fight is eternal, since the very beginnings of our society.  The Swamp is almost dry, we are ready for the final blow.”  This was alongside a photo of Trump with a card that reads ‘I’m draining the Swamp, and the Swamp is trying to fight back.  Don’t worry, we will win!’

Scavino then messaged “TRUMP WILL BE BACK SOON!  It’s about time to start preparing for great celebrations.”  This was followed by a video of Scavino announcing Trump as President to a massive crowd of people, along with Scavino’s caption ‘I am anxiously waiting to make this powerful announcement once again.  Our true President for the true American ideals.  This is our motto and makes us proud.  Stay strong and stay united.  Together we will celebrate the victory of our nation.’

General Michael Flynn’s Telegram messages were certainly not to be outdone, either.  He began with a video of Trump talking about ‘America 1st,’ along with pictures of Trump’s accomplishments for America—topped off with Flynn’s personally-written caption ‘SOON BACK IN THE OFFICE.  BEST PRESIDENT EVER.’  And then a very exciting message followed:  “Soon, at any moment, a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable.  Our entire government will be invalidated.  Biden, Harris, members of Congress, and the Supreme Court will be removed.  Laugh if you want.  There will be a ‘temporary’ Coup d’état with new elections, a new beginning.”  Wow.

Then, Flynn posted a short video on the Dominion whistleblower that included a Dominion CEO saying that the voting machines are not designed to be hooked up to the Internet.  But then further on in the video, it shows a Dominion whistleblower stating that the machines can go wireless, that they can go onto the Internet.  This video was taken inside an election center in one of the states that used Dominion software and hardware, and it also reveals that the BIOS password was being kept by the State—and not Dominion or the county as had been alleged by the State.

In just 1 minute and 17 seconds, the State’s egregious lie is exposed.  And we must remember that election fraud vitiates everything.  As General Flynn said of the 2020 Election, “It is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy.  There was fraud committed.”

Now, another interesting site to watch on Telegram is ‘Trump Team.’  They put out a picture of Trump and Scavino amidst a group of people, with the notation ‘We are not going to wait for 2024, the situation is alarming and abysmal.  President Donald Trump will return in 2021, and we can do it together!’  Then, we saw on this site “President Donald J. Trump will be back in the White House soon.  He will return stronger than ever, ready to face any challenge.  Are you ready?”  This latter post was alongside a photo of Trump displaying his fist, with United States flags all around him.

We also saw another moving message from Trump Team, which included a photo of Trump looking at his watch, along with the caption ‘Patriots, it’s about time!  The clock is ticking and President Trump is ready to return.’  Oh, if only….

Now, we would be remiss if we did not also take a peek at some of President Trump’s tweets—the main man of the hour!  We all saw his huge July 24th rally in Arizona—and how Trump let us know at that rally that he is aware that the election was stolen, even telling the enormous crowd pointblank, “The crime of the century is being exposed…I won the election 6 months ago!”

And in getting into some of Trump’s tweets on Twitter, where he goes by the pseudonym ‘il Donaldo Trumpo’ so as to avoid another cancellation by Twitter Gestapo Jack Dorsey, we begin with the following very solemn message:  “God is my Chain of Command…I ONLY FOLLOW ORDERS FROM GOD!!!”  Then, Trump put out “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  Sounds like he hasn’t lost any of his vim and vigor for the hunt!

Then, we saw from Trump:  “THEY STOLE THE ELECTION.”  Straight to the point, as always.  He expanded on that point in a message that he put out later:  “What there was, was a Rigged and Stolen election, and those facts have come out, and are coming out, loud and clear.”  Trump’s next message was also crystal clear:  “ONLY KNEEL BEFORE GOD!!!”

And Trump had yet another message for our Sweet Lord of the Universe, this one so very touching in its content:  “Thanks for the Patience, Boss”—this alongside a picture of Trump and Almighty God, with God’s Hands on Trump’s shoulder, and one of Trump’s hands reaching up and touching the Hand of God.  We certainly know where President Trump gets his sustenance and guidance.

Now, we’ve all been very happy to find that our President has not lost his sense of humor.  This much is certain.  In one of his most recent tweets, Trump has a video of Biden with ‘Hail To the Chief’ playing in the background, after which Biden says, “Every time I hear that, I wonder when He’s coming”—and then Trump replies with the caption “SOONER THAN YOU THINK, JOE!!!”  This was then followed by “THE REAL PRESIDENTO!”  No ambiguity with that memo!  Our real/true President seems to be champing at the bit to resume his rightful seat in the Oval Office!

Now, there has been mention of possible blackouts and/or riots by the black hats as a distraction to the audit information coming out—and some have predicted that the evil ones will blame the Patriots for these events.  But the American people are waking up, and no longer believe their never-ending lies.

Yes, we see the writing on the wall.  This is a war of good versus evil.  The black hats are trying desperately to lock us down, shut us up—and to remove God, love of Country, and the family unit.  But they are getting caught up in their own web of numerous lies.

Even the main stream media has been forced to start admitting some of what is going on.  State legislatures are finally standing up and calling for forensic audits—as well as safeguards for future elections.  We the People are fighting back, even to the point of regularly calling our governmental representatives—and also attending local school board meetings and telling these members that they work for us—not vice versa.

Trump is simply waiting for the right moment to strike, and that moment is approaching very quickly.  He and his team have known the plan from the beginning.  As the evil Deep State/Global Cabal continues to self-destruct over their own policies, they are being exposed to the entire world.  We have seen Cuomo, Newsom, Gates, and Fauci self-destruct.  Others will follow.

You see, these vile vermin made the ultimate mistake in their strategy:  They stopped fearing Almighty God.  They have turned against Him—trying to do things their way.  But God is the One who created their very minds, and He knows all of their evil planning/scheming, right down to the last detail!

The Deep State never thought that they would lose, but now they all will lose.  The Patriots, with God on their side, control the timing of events.  And that time is abruptly ticking down, and the Deep State knows this.

D-Day is approaching, and will arrive very, very soon.  Everything will be exposed.  Every lie will be revealed.

The Patriots have got all of the information that they need to bury the stake deep into the heart of the evil Elite Cabal.  You see, these heinous reprobates have made the mistake of going against the one, true Living God, who has stated emphatically in Exodus 20:3:  “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

We also see evidence of God’s wrath when He decides that time has run out in Ezekiel 25:17:  “I will execute great vengeance on them with furious rebukes; and they will know that I am the Lord, when I lay My vengeance upon them.”  And as to the Lord’s timing?  “It is mine to avenge; I will repay.  In due time, their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near, and their doom rushes upon them” (Deuteronomy 32:35).

And so it shall!

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